Friday, March 28, 2014


Many years ago, I was working in a factory, and in the break room a conversation was going on. One young fellow who was attending the local college was holding forth on some issue, I don't remember what — the war or civil rights, or something. Whatever it was, and I might even have agreed with his position, his arguments were silly and not factual, and of course adhered to the trendy thinking of the time. I pointed out some of the flaws in his facts and reasoning. He frowned, and said,

"If you went to college, you'd understand."

I had a master's degree at the time, and most of the other people there knew it, so I just nodded and didn't argue any more. I suppose he finished his degree in Contemporary Grooviness and is even now proving his points by alluding to his degree.
Quibcag: I don't know quite who the professorial girl is, but I found her HERE.

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