Thursday, March 13, 2014

Karol Traven Origin Story #2

Karol Nepomuk Aloysius Traven
Origin Story #1 is HERE.

The Origin Story that appeared here recently is obviously bogus. Karol Traven is male, every bit as male as was Karol Józef Wojtyła. The confusion, of course, results from the fact that in English, Carol or Karol tends to be a feminine name. In Eastern Europe, on the other hand, it is actually a form of Carl or Charles, and is spelled Karol, though there are variations.

That out of the way, Karol Nepomuk Aloysius Traven was born in 1951 in Damfino County, Kentucky, of immigrant Byelorussian parents. At an early age, he showed a talent for art and literature, and he won a scholarship to study literature and creative writing at Miskatonic University in 1969. Bored by the curriculum, he soon dropped out and joined the Army and did a tour in Vietnam. While serving out his hitch, Traven contributed poetry and quips to the Reader's Digest, Punch, and Toon-In, among other publications.
A typical Karol Traven quibcag

Leaving the Army in 1974, Traven worked as a longshoreman in San Francisco, where he won notoriety for outquipping Eric Hoffer. His career as a journalist took off after a few years, and his daily advice column, Van Buren? Yeah, Right!, won a Pulitzer in 1989. He branched out into T-shirt writing at about this time, and made a steady income but never achieved fame, though his well-known "Life is a Bench" T-shirt was extremely popular among street people and circuit court judges in the 90's.

Traven has also written science fiction and mystery novels under a number of pseudonyms, but denies that he is "Kilgore Trout," despite the similarity of initials.

Traven lives and works in Baja Toadhop, Indiana, with his cat, Captain Quark.


  1. "Miskatonic University"

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