Friday, March 28, 2014

Gun Grabbing CA Senator Nabbed in Gun Running Sting

This is a splendid example of the pervasive hypocrisy of politicians, most especially liberal politicians, though so-called conservative politicians are definitely in the running. It's the old story. Drunks who vote for prohibition, whoremongers who vote for moralistic laws, bloodthirsty interventionists who somehow evaded the draft, bozos who hire illegals for their child and lawn care who blow off about "securing the border."  And now we have this scumbag who wants to disarm law-abiding Americans, while running guns into the country for his criminal constituents. Kind of like Eric Holder, only Yee runs guns into this country instead of Mexico. This is from The Libertarian Republic:

Gun Grabbing CA Senator Nabbed in Gun Running Sting

Posted by Keith Farrell • 27 Mar 2014

Democrat State Senator Leland Yee of California has been arrested for facilitating gun running from the Philippines in exchange for campaign contributions.

Leland, a longtime gun control proponent, is also being charged with selling legislative influence. Authorities allege that Yee is one part of a large investigation involving organized crime, gun trafficking, drugs, bribes and contracted murder.

While corruption and hypocrisy from lawmakers is a common occurrence, Yee has taken it to a new level. The activities in the criminal complaint detail organized crime being run out of a prominent CA legislator’s office.

Yee has been instrumental in limiting California residents 2nd Amendment rights. It appears that for the right price, however, Yee would personally hook you up with his Philippine gun running connection.
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Postscript!  Much more on this from Larry Correia over at Monster Hunter Nation. He writes:

I’ve got to hand it to Democrat state senator, Leland Yee. Most political scandals are the typical drug use, hookers, or bribery stuff. This guy reaches for the stars. He isn’t messing around. There is no half assed corruption here. If Yee had a machine that could control the weather he’d be a Batman villain.
Quibcag: I don't know who the girl is, but I found her HERE.

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