Monday, March 3, 2014

Freedom of Dissociation

We lost our freedom of association fifty years ago. Public accomodation, remember? The idea is, as George Will put it, that the minute you open your door to do business with the public, you are thenceforth required by law to do business with anybody who wants to do business with you.  Will seems reconciled to such a situation, but I must say I'm not.

The recent Arizona bill, which the Governor vetoed, attempted to get around this outrageous situation by permitting businesses to refuse service to people if doing business with them would be contrary to their religious conscience. Feeble, but I can certainly understand their thinking. I'm not sure what the Governor's set of reasons for vetoing it consisted of, but I'd think that at least one would be that the courts would knock it down anyway.

I'm being way to serious about this, so I turn to Jim Goad, who sees the humor in everything. This from Takimag.

One Nazi Wedding Cake to Go, Please

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