Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Collegiate Dumbness

This delightful little exchange comes from Political Correctness Gone Wild, and has sparked off a heap of discussions around the net. One question asked in response: "Is it even possible to be too dumb to go to college?" Those of us who have been both places — the military and college — can testify that you have to pass tests to get into any branch of the military. This was true even in the Vietnam era, when I went in, and is surely even more true now. As for college, however, there may be some universities that are picky about qualifications, but most of them just have the "warm body" test, and will waive even that for all the oppressed minorities out there. When this girl graduates (I suppose that's pretty automatic these days, too) she just might find a job working for our botoxed Secretary of State, who also thinks military people are kinda dumb.

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