Monday, March 17, 2014

A St. Patrick's Day Story

"Irish Girl" by lilith-lips

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than by reblogging a nice Irish story from the Irish Savant? He writes:

Aer Lingus, take a bow.

Today my mood is joyous. There's a spring in my step, my fedora tipped at a jaunty angle. The cause of my joy? Met a friend of long standing this morning in the little town where we both live. Told me he had just taken issue with some burka-clad humanoid who had discarded some packaging onto our pristine footpaths (they really are pristine thanks mainly to local volunteer groups). We again shared our views on the catastrophic societal impact wrought by EU immigration policies and implemented by treacherous nation-wrecking scumbags like Alan Shatter.

Which brings me to the cause of my joy. Told me that while checking in at the Aer Lingus desk in Cork this week he saw two African adults in the queue, surrounded by a swarm of turdlers and a gigantic heap of luggage....enough to bring down a Flying Fortress. The girl at the desk pointed out that their luggage was significantly in excess of the weight limits and they'd have to pay the excess charges or leave some of it behind.

Cue the standard response from the Cultural Enricher Playbook. 'You being racist against me 'cos I'm blaaaaack'. But here's the good bit. In a firm no-nonsense voice the girl replied "no, you are being racist against me because I am white. Now either pay the excess or leave some luggage behind. Next please!"

Wow! How about that?

But it gets better. When my friend congratulate the girl on her response she told him that they had been instructed by Aer Lingus to respond this way. It seems they, and other passengers, were having to put up with so much grief from the enrichers that a line had to be drawn.

This folks, is great news. It shows that people, and more important, enterprises, are getting fed up of the shakedown from the parasites who have flooded into our country. I've seen other signs myself but this is surely something of a breakthrough. I feel so elated I'm now going to treat myself to tea and biscuits (at my age that qualifies as living on the edge).

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