Friday, March 21, 2014

A Miscellany of Ukraines and Vultures

First off, the big news is that Vulture of Critique is celebrating its one-year anniversary. Go THERE for balloons and sandwiches, or at least commentary and mind-boggling illustrations. I do every day. Sometimes more.

Second, I'm suffering from talking heads on the tube constantly saying YOU-crane instead of you-CRANE. It's the latter in English, dammit, although I suppose Festus Haggen would say it the first way. In Ukrainian, it's Україна, pronnounced oo-krah-YEE-nuh. It's pronounced that way in Russian, too, but spelled Украина. Russian doesn't have that "ї" letter.

Thirdly, Ukraine/Crimea/Russia amazes us again, this time by producing Natalia Vladimirovna Poklonskaya (Russian: Ната́лья Влади́мировна Покло́нская, can't find the Ukrainian), and I'm way behind the curve on this one, because she's all over the internet. She is, I kid you not, the Attorney General of the Republic of Crimea. Which explains the uniform, and that's cute, too.* I first learned of this from, you guessed it, Vulture of Critique. Click on this:

Natalia Poklonskaya, Attorney General; and also, the damage done by modern art

Which you must go to, because the modern art part is a must-see. Anyhow, this is Natalia, who has gone viral:

And if you want to see a lot more pictures of Natalia, she's also here at Sankaku Complex. Click away:
I'm pre-ordering her nendoroid/vocaloid. Can you blame me?
Okay, one more:

* Just as we are stuck with Metrosexual Barry in contrast to the Teddy Roosevelt/Davy Crockett of Russia, Vlad Putin, even little Crimea has a cutey-pie Attorney General, and look what we've got.

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