Monday, February 10, 2014

Zuckerberg Takes Us All For Zuckers.

Received in email from the Center for Immigration Studies:

WASHINGTON, DC (February 10, 2014) — The Center for Immigration Studies has published an analysis of a new ad promoting amnesty and mass immigration, designed to appeal to Republican voters. The ad is by "Americans for a Conservative Direction," part of the liberal lobbying group, created by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg's ad was produced to promote House Speaker John Boehner's one-page "Standards for Immigration Reform," which outlines the House GOP leadership's approach to amnesty. The ad presents the vague principles as a concrete immigration reform plan and includes a variety of misleading claims.

"Mark Zuckerberg should be congratulated for packing so many fallacies and misconceptions into one 30-second spot," said Jon Feere, Legal Policy Analyst at the Center and author of the analysis. "But the truth is that the amnesty-first approach of Speaker Boehner and President Obama, which is touted in the ad, is no solution at all, 'conservative' or otherwise, and would simply break our immigration system even more."

The CIS analysis examines each statement in the ad and concludes that Zuckerberg's promotion of amnesty and mass immigration provides no substance and little truth to a very important American policy debate.

View CIS's analysis of an earlier Zuckerberg pro-amnesty ad, this one featuring Marco Rubio, at:

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