Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We've Inspired a Karol Traven Quibcag

We posted an item the other day about the Political Correctness Commissariat in Canada, and that led to a discussion or two elsewhere, and this Karol Traven quibcag. If you haven't read it, please do so HERE, and then I have an extra comment or two about it.....

Okay, upon reflection, the lad's predicament reminds me of Winston Smith's. It's not enough to punish him for his horrible offense in this Brave New World (not to mix novels here, at least not with premeditation). No, he must punish himself with a groveling apology. It's not enough that Big Brother crush him — He must also love Big Brother and proclaim his love for him.

Put another way, our wise leaders know that intimidation is not enough. An honest dictator like Franco or Pinochet simply scares everybody into behaving. Those guys were just authoritarians — pikers. For the really good stuff, totalitarianism, you need to brainwash everybody into being their own little commissar. As Terry Pratchett put it in Interesting Times, that's better than a whip. That makes a mixture of three novels in this post alone.

So, the plan is to brainscrub the boy so that he can henceforth work without supervision, and it'll probably work. It certainly worked with Raymond Shaw, as Karol Traven implies. And that make four novels and I'll sign off.

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