Thursday, February 20, 2014

Robert Lindsay Again

It's about time I mentioned Robert Lindsay's Blog again.  Robert is an excellent example of what L. Neil Smith calls a "squarepegger," a category to which I aspire, myself. Actually, you can't aspire to it, because either you are or you aren't. It's sort of like "curmudgeon," and it signifies to me a person who thinks and says what he damn well thinks and says with no regard for anybody's opinion. He neither tries to fit in with the Zeitgeist nor tries not to.

Robert says all kinds of things I disagree with, but he says them fluently and thoughtfully.  He also says several things I agree with, sometimes in ways that reveal new meanings.  And best of all, he says things I've never thought much about at all and thereby expands my horizons....

For one thing, he's down on India, its system, and its culture. I'm not all that crazy about the place myself. India has a reputation for pacifism, largely because of Gandhi, who doesn't even deserve his own reputation for pacifism, and is plenty belligerent, thank you. It has immense throngs of hideously poor people, with no apparent plans to uplift them. In parts of the place, at least, it has a real rape culture. All this boils down to a culture that has no concept of civic duty, which is the difference between actual civilization and a bloody mess.

Now, I like aspects of India.  I like some of its religious thinking, I think the Hindi/Urdu language is a thing of beauty, and there's a lot of flat-out estheticism to the place. I especially like Sally Bollywood, who is meditating there in the quibcag. I have this thing about cuteness.

But it's screwy in some respects, too.  Here Robert refers to the odd fact that many Indians are in denial about the Aryan invasion, and prefer to think that the Aryans originated in India, and left there to invade other places. As I understand it, historical and linguistic evidence make their theory as far from possible as you can get with such things.

Well, read this, read Robert's other stuff, and consider contributing to him.  Let's keep an interesting thinker on the net.

Wendy Doniger’s New Book, “The Hindus”

This controversy has gotten a lot of news lately. Wendy Doniger is one of the most respected Western scholars of Hinduism. She is not anti-Hindu in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, I believe that Doniger has a deep and passionate love for the Hindu faith. Now whether or not Hinduism deserves to be loved by any decent person is another matter altogether. But surely Doniger is no enemy of the Hindus. In fact, she is their friend.

The main complaint against her seems to be that she got some things wrong about the history of the Hindus. But if she did, she did this sincerely and not out of maliciousness.

One of the most venomous charges against her is that she is a supporter of the Aryan Invasion Theory, which is a theory that is in fact as true as the notion that the Earth is round. That Hindus almost universally reject this 100% obviously factual history just shows how irrational and anti-scientific they are as a people. Hindus are basically primitives living in an emotional and pre-scientific world. They use emotion rather than reason to arrive at their judgements. That they are basically irrational is shown in spades by the condition of Hindu India, a failed state whose ruin is testimony to the basic unreason of Hindu people.

These moronic Hindus have made an enemy out of one of their best friends. Other paranoid Victim Addicts like Jews and Blacks do this all the time. You can take away many things from the Jew, but don’t you dare take away his victimhood status. He will kill for that as if he were defending his life. Looks like Hindus are headed down this same Designated Victim road.


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  1. Robert lindsay is just like a Hitlor/Cancer and should be done away with by a lynch mob...And i wish if i may spearhead that mob to.....

    1. Who you honestly hate? Robert Lindsay or the lynch mob? If I'm you, I'd pick only one of them.