Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reality Check

One good thing about having two major political parties is that they sometimes tell the truth about each other. The Democrats said a lot of true things about Bush's idiotic, self-destructive foreign policy, and now, the Republicans are saying a lot of true things about Obama's virtually identical idiotic, self-destructive foreign policy. There's plenty of irony to go around there. Yes, the big problem is the things the two parties agree about, no matter how much they pretend to disagree, mostly by blowing tiny details of difference way out of proportion.  
It's true, for example, that Obama has an anti-American foreign policy, that he's trying to pick fights with Russia, which should be our ally against the chaos of the Third World, and that he's running a domestic policy dedicated to wrecking what's left of American civilization by importing as many dysfunctional foreigners as possible, and by growing the government as huge as possible. But Bush did the same thing. And any Republican we might elect in two years, be it Christie or Romney, or, God forbid, another Bush, will continue the same policies.
So if you plan to vote for a Republican in 2014, and are in danger of letting down your guard if he gets elected, keep this greme handy to remind yourself that the Republicans are just as anti-American as the Democrats.

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