Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Maturity and Productivity

No matter what direction you come from, or how you plan your analysis, liberalism always comes down to immaturity. Seriously, it's all about rejecting all the things associated with adulthood — responsibility, deferral of gratification, moral rectitude, and, something usually not thought of specifically as an adult trait, productivity.

Children are net consumers of food, protection, education, everything we regard as necessities. Adults produce all those things.  Now, clearly, adult also consume, but it's tacitly expected that an adult, a mature human being, will produce more than he consumes.  Children certainly aren't going to, because they basically can't. Adults have to do it.

But, you know, even thinking about all this is an adult thing. And like all adult things, it's boring — no fun. What's fun is all this Obama stuff. And Obama stuff is about consumption. Think about Obamacare. It's like, free, dude. And it has neat child-oriented stuff, like being able to stay on mommy and daddy's insurance policy till you're 26 (and maybe that'll be revised upwards later), like getting subsidies if you have your own policy. And this is the best part: Now that it's clear people are going to be getting their jobs cut back to part-time from full-time, or even cut back to zero, that's a good thing, too. You'll have more time to spend with your families!  Mommy and Daddy, I guess. You'll have more time to play. You'll have more time to find yourself! (Try the corner bar.) In short, productivity is bad. Cutting it back is good.  And don't worry about who's going to pay for it. That little guy on the monopoly cards wearing the silk hat, he'll pay for it. What few adults we have left will pay for it. Now we can trust people over 30 to pay for all the children under 30. And remember when college was supposed to be for adults preparing to become extra-productive professionals?  Not any more! As in the quibcag by Stephen W. Browne, it's for fun.  For Black studies, Gay studies, Women's (Wymyn's?) studies, Chicano studies, Whatever studies!

Jobs, jobs, jobs, has been replaced by fun, fun, fun. Who could possibly object to that? Just mean old adults, that's who! And Uncle Cat-in-the-Hat Obama's gonna show them!

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