Sunday, February 23, 2014

Karol Traven Origin Story #1

Much like Robin Hood, or Zippy the Pinhead, there are many contradictory origin stories for Karol Traven. Traven's age, ethnicity, nationality, and even sex are all in dispute. What follows is one of the more popular versions, although the consensus is that Traven is male.

Karol Traven, born 1957, daughter of Theodore Richard Traven and Corazón Traven (née Trujillo), and granddaughter of B. Traven, in Ciudad Carlotta, Mexico. B. A. in English, University of New Mexico, 1978, Ph. D. in Linguistics, University of Illinois 1983. Author of The Catalan Copula, 1994, Hopi and Change: Linguistic Mutation in Uto-Aztecan, 1999. Chomsky's Ideas Sleep Furiously, 2003. Professor of Linguistics, Miskatonic University, 1995-Present. Libertarian candidate for Governor of West Virginia, 1998. Founder of the Twilightenment Movement, 2002. Best known to the general public for her incisive quotes, many published as quibcags. Winner of the Dorothy Parker Smart-Alec Award, 1995, 2006, and 2013. Her drink of choice is Limoncello.

A typical Traven quibcag:
Illustration from JOSHIRAKU

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