Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke, And Invite Them All To Move In....

The cute little Superbowl Coke ad was perfect. It was designed to irritate everybody, but also designed so that the makers of the ad and all the lefties out there could say snarky things about bigotry and xenophobia yadda yadda yadda. And I've seen plenty such snarkiness on the net since. One popular thing to do is mock Americans by writing mock dialect like "We speak Murican here." All other nations, of course, are simply delighted to turn on their TV's and hear languages they don't understand. Insert sarcasm emoticon here.

Daily Kenn sees it as just part of the general MAG (Media, Academia, Government) push towards multiculturalism 23/7, everywhere you look.  He writes:

'Immigration Bill' and Super Blow ads

(Oops. Did I misspell Super Bowl?)

One thing I've learned about leftists: When they are up to something, they are up to something.

What they are currently up to is a full-court press on multiculturalism as made evident in this year's mind-manipulating Super Bowl ads.

The traditional white family on vacation was given a few seconds of exposure on Coca Cola's ad, along with a Muslim and varied other cultural representations. Cheerios continued it's ongoing saga of a black-and-white marriage with the news that mom is expecting a baby.

Those who don't appreciate the media imposing its agenda on us are, of course, racists.

Multiculturalism, by the way, is not the problem. The displacement of Western culture is the problem.

While the Coke commercial featured a Muslim woman in an iconic burqa, it failed to feature an iconic Confederate flag. It seems there is one culture disenfranchised from multiculturalism: American Southern culture.

The strategy is simple.

First step: We all commit the to proposition that racism is wrong. That's a concession that I have always made: basing one's dislike for others on their ethnicity is both immoral and idiotic.

Second step: Having established the immorality of racism, cultural Marxism proceeds to label anything that contradicts its agenda as 'racist'. For example: If you oppose Western culture being destroyed, you are a racist.

So what's up with this?

American minds are being manipulated to accept amnesty for illegal aliens, most of which will vote for the socialist-Marxist agenda of liberal Democrats once they become citizens.

Truth be told, those imposing multiculturalism on the rest of us could care less about non-whites. In fact, once Western culture is displace, non-whites will suffer from the displaced technological advantages afforded by white innovation. Is that racist? Supremacist? Or is it simple reality?

Leftists are tenacious. There is no three-strikes-and-your-out rule. The current amnesty bill -- now being called the more palatable 'Immigration Bill' -- is expected to fail, says Rep. Paul Ryan.

Not to worry. It will back on the table again. And again. And again until it passes.


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