Friday, February 7, 2014

Help Fight The Gun-Free Zone Syndrome!

Ah, the Gun-Free Zone Syndrome. I've blogged about this before, HERE. But now the plot thickens, and we have this....

From: The Pragmatic Libertarian

I'm probably going to piss off more than a few people, but . . . read this news story, then convince me liberalism is not a bonafide mental disorder:

Full-blown liberal mental disease alert!!!

1st STAGE: Ban law-abiding, conceal-carry permit holders from packing while on school property. (This is the "ignorance" phase, and caught early enough, can be cured.)

2nd STAGE: Place stickers on all entrances, advertising to bad guys that your school is defenseless. (Ignorance, allowed to fester, advances to full-blown "stupidity" phase. Chances for recovery are pretty slim at this point.)

3rd STAGE: Become offended over your own stickers with the image of a gun -- because the image is "frightening" and visitors might "wonder if people have been allowed to bring guns to school in the past." (This is the near-terminal, "WTF?" stage, and is also highly contagious. To prevent spread of the disease, use every available measure to keep this patient from entering a voting booth.)

4th STAGE: Intention to spend additional taxpayer dollars redesigning and replacing the current stickers with a more “subtle” image, like a "logo" . . . or . . . something. (Have this patient committed, post-haste. No hope remains. Short of permanent interment in a mental institution, this person will most likely run for Congress.)

Feel free, of course, to use the graphic yourself, and to spread it around by email or on social media. And, if a different shape would fit your needs better, I've made such a version below:

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