Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dwayne Ferguson — Poster Boy for Gun Controllers' Stupidity

Ain't this a hoot?  Just google "Dwayne Ferguson" for more. This is from the blog, Chicks on the Right.

Gun Control Activist Arrested For Having Gun. I'd Like To Say That I'm Shocked, But...

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You know who's a moron?  A guy named Dwayne Ferguson in Buffalo, New York.  He was just arrested for having a gun.  And, let me just clarify that I am a HUGE Second Amendment gal.  I believe wholeheartedly in the right for all of us American citizens to keep and bear arms, according to that neat thing called the United States Constitution.  In fact, I get a little irritated when blokes like Piers Morgan tell me that I shouldn't have that right.  And subsequently when folks like Dwayne Ferguson do, too.
Which is why I'm SHAKING MY HEAD SO HARD RIGHT NOW that Dwayne Ferguson got arrested for possessing a gun.
You see, Dwayne is a well-known, local community activist who has been integral in pushing gun control, and he's been one of the dudes responsible for passing a "highly restrictive 2013 gun control law," otherwise known as New York's SAFE Act. 
Some anonymous tips were called into local police about a gun at a school, so a dozen squad cars, a SWAT team, and K9 units were called in, a helicopter, and an armored vehicle apparently showed up, too.  And the school was placed on lockdown. While all the kids were moved to the cafeteria, cops did a sweep of the school to make sure that they were safe.
And Dwayne?  Well, he was at the school, because he works there in the afternoons, apparently.  And he had a gun on him, because he says that he carries a pistol.  And that he has a permit for it. Which is interesting, because that permit is about as valid as a piece of construction paper with "me have a gun!" on it, ever since the state law HE HELPED FREAKING PASS went into effect.
Holy mother of morons.
And you'd think that he of all people would know that him carrying a gun on school grounds is now a FELONY.  You know, since, he HELPED PASS THE FREAKING LAW and all. 
But yeeeah. Not so much.
All because a guy who doesn't like guns (for YOU AND ME, that is...he likes them just fine and dandy for him, you see) had a freakinggun on school grounds.
(Again....good for me but not for thee, folks!)
Typical liberal thinking.  It's the same line of thinking that has anti-gun celebrities not giving up their armed guards or their gazillions of dollars from making movies with massive amounts of gun violence in them.
Hypocritical. Jackwads.
Here's the idiot on film.

Me, I'm in favor of permitting open and concealed carry everywhere, but I think we should make an example of this yahoo, okay?  Or maybe we should give him thirty years to life for wasting oxygen.

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