Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crime and Punishment and Fred Reed

Illustration from "You're Under Arrest."
You know what I like about Fred? He's a realist. One of the problems with those of us on the right is that we're overtheoretical. Theory has its place, but as a wise man once said, you should never let your ideology trump your common sense. And we really should leave the formulation of unrealistic theories to our friends on the left, who decided decades ago to ignore human nature when they formulate their plans to construct utopia. Indeed, before the neocon Trotskyites marched triumphantly into the Republican Party, the general idea was that conservative Republicans were the ones who had their feet on the ground and understood about human nature and the fallen state of mankind, and were therefore unlikely to fall for the rainbow and unicorn view of history. But now they're falling for it all over the place.

Anyhow, one very important thing about human nature that the liberals and neocons and all too many libertarians tend to deny out of hand is the fact that some people are criminals.  Not forced to be criminals because of poverty or racism or whatever is the trendy explanation, but criminals intrinsically. Fred doesn't have a utopian solution to this phenomenon, and neither do I, but Fred quite usefully points out here that the fashionable solutions don't work, and it's time we all got a little more realistic about things. When it comes to realism, you can't beat a curmudgeon. This from Takimag:

Sour Thoughts From the Police Beat

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