Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Boys Will Be Boys, With The Proper Upbringing

The feminization of society has been going on a long time in the Western World, here in the United States in particular. Its effects are so pervasive, we don't notice a lot of it, just as fish don't notice that they're wet. The causes are both philosophical and practice. Philosophically, the equality of the sexes has been pounded into us all for decades, probably at least all the way back to the suffragette movement. Since the sexes are equal, boys and girls must be equal. And if that's the case, any differences that manifest anyway must be due to something fiendish going on, so steps are made to force equality, with girls pushed into sports that don't interest them, boys forced to take home economics, and other such foolishness. But since girls really can't match boys in the aggregate in the things boys are intrinsically good at, girl ability is the new norm, and boys are wheedled, nagged, and propagandized into being a version of girls. This is considered progress.

And in practical terms, boys find themselves supervised almost entirely by women until they're out of high school, and except for the ones lucky enough to enter the armed forces, most go on to be supervised by more females in college, or by female bosses in their entry-level jobs. Women being women, they don't have a clue about how to bring up boys past a certain age, and almost universally screw it up in the absence of a father, which is becoming the new default situation.

Now, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn were both sort of supervised by women, but the women didn't have a chance, really, because in those times boys were expected by everybody to act like boys, and if the women messed up, the boys brought each other up. It's kind of interesting to note that Huck, if you'll remember, actually slightly preferred living with his drunken, brutal, violent, irresponsible father to living with the well-meaning Widow Douglas. Well, I got off on that tangent because of the charming illustration on the quibcag above. Isn't that the cutest damn Becky Thatcher you've ever seen? Only in Japan. Yes, it's a Japanese anime series from 1980 called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (トム・ソーヤーの冒険 Tomu Sōyā no Bōken ). Here's some of it for your entertainment. I can't find it in English for you, but this Spanish version is intriguing.

Oh, I am off on a tangent. This is all in aid of calling your attention to Keoni Galt's post over at The Hawaiian Libertarian, where he points out that boys have to be raised in a different way from girls. Quite different.  For example, the quibcag quote. Enough outa me.  Go THERE and enjoy.


  1. Thanks for the linkage and quibcag quote.

    "It's kind of interesting to note that Huck, if you'll remember, actually slightly preferred living with his drunken, brutal, violent, irresponsible father to living with the well-meaning Widow Douglas."

    Funny, it's been well over 20 years since I read those classics, but I always thought he put up with his Dad's faults because it was better to suffer a bit of abuse until his Dad drank himself into oblivion, and then he would have total freedom until his Dad awoke...versus the continual haranguing from the Good Widow's oppressive nannying during all waking hours.

    Kinda sounds like an analogy of our current nannystate, built up, entrenched and maintained under the guise of protecting us all from the oppression of Patriarchy.

    1. The freedom, certainly. But also, because he _liked_ a lot of his dad's characteristics, his basic way of living _other than_ the drinking and brutality. And that's a GOOD analogy :)

    2. Could this explain the rise of the Men’s Rights movement? Traversing the Internet websites and reading the blogs, a common thread appears of defiance against the tidal waves of feminist drivel. Thoughts and ideas that seemed to be common sense only 30-50 years ago are now looked upon with scorn. The gender roles were more clearly defined and respected at that time. Not all of the changes have been bad in respect to educational opportunities and some expansion within the workplace and yet….something is wrong. Men and women are not equal and never will be. Different physiology, psychology and temperament is not going away. So now we find ourselves in this hazy fog of war with skirmishes breaking out here and there. Think “Women in Combat” or “Women Firefighters”, etc.

  2. Man, I haven't watched that show in years. There used to be a local Christian TV station that played this every day after school.

  3. What we have is a society where women try to be men and men try to be women. Rather obviously this leads to orc-like women and incredibly pacified men. Not a desirable situation by any stretch.