Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Guest post by J. Neil Schulman. 

This originally appeared as a comment on this article.

No real scientist ever declares a question answered with finality or a debate over. The scientific method allows for hypotheses and theories but not dogmatic conclusion. The declaration that a hypothesis or theory is beyond debate is the declaration not of a scientist but of a politician, priest, or con man.

There are many good reasons to question the hypothesis that anthropogenic global warming is leading to climate crisis that threatens the planet. The first reason is that carbon dioxide and methane are a fractional component of greenhouse gas on this planet's closed system with the great part of greenhouse gas being water vapor that varies on a daily basis orders of magnitude higher than any variation in the minor greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane do over decades. The second is that all life is carbon based and the ecosystem functions to create a stable balance between carbon dioxide producing animal life and carbon dioxide consuming plant life. The third reason is the most compelling. The ecology of this planet is so multivaried with billions of always changing factors that chaos theory suggests an impossibility of modeling the system so as to be able to account for any single variable as destabilizing such a complex system.

No climate change model has proven reliably predictive, which is the reality check of any science. What is called proof of climate change by the oligarch-financed politically-organized so-called consensus on climate change has an older name: weather.

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  1. Anyone asking if you believe in climate change is trying to pull you a fast one. What they really want to know is if you believe in catastrophic climate change, which is not a reality. It's the old con of asking questions that can't be answered correctly.