Thursday, February 6, 2014

Again, Jeff Sessions for President

If you haven't been paying attention, the carnage has begun, and Christ Christie is the first to be (deservedly) shoved out of the running for the 2016 presidential election. My prediction is that the next "front-runner" will be similarly savaged, and so on, until all that is left is Jeb Bush, and either he or the Democrat (since all Democrats are identical, who cares which one?) will be elected and the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama Administration will go on for four more years.

But I wish that wouldn't happen. I wish we'd get sane, as a country, and nominate and elect Jeff Sessions President.  A previous post on that HERE. And  here's James Kirkpatrick  over at to give reasons why we should do that....

Oh, today's quibcag. In the interests of accuracy, I included Seinfeld's opening phrase, obviously included by him to deflect indignation (It probably didn't work), but of course the sketch as a whole carries the absolute opposite meaning despite the opening disclaimer. So it's still useful despite that, and a good thing to pass around. Now to Kirkpatrick:

Sen. Jeff Sessions Winning Fight To Make GOP A “National Conservative” Party

By James Kirkpatrick on February 5, 2014 at 9:26pm

The Main Stream Media is missing the real story on the Republican Party’s suicidal push for an Amnesty/Immigration Surge.  The Party may be on the brink of a sweeping realignment—and the critical transformative figure is Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama.
This realignment is likely because, regardless of the outcome of the upcoming battles over legalizing the tens of millions of illegal infiltrators in Occupied America, the Republican leadership has already failed.  Key Treason Lobby figures within the GOP areclearly feeling the heat.  Even if the disaster of an Amnesty/ Immigration Surge passes, the GOP base is well aware of the treachery of its own leadership and is looking for alternatives. 
Thus according to Neil Munro of the Daily Caller (whose days as a journalist within the Beltway Right are surely numbered), House Majority Leader Eric Cantor frantically changed the subject when pressed by CBS reporter Major Garrett “if the GOP plan would allow the 12 million illegal immigrants to get citizenship.”  Instead, Cantor began babbling about “job growth and the lack of job growth,” without making any connection between those subjects and the likely consequences of flooding the labor market withhelots.  [GOP Leaders Hide Immigration PlansFebruary 3, 2014]
Meanwhile, Paul Ryan has attempted a bit of misdirection by claiming that that it is “clearly in doubt” that Congress can pass an immigration bill this year.  [Are immigration reformers talking down chances so opponents will drop guard?  By Byron York,Washington Examiner, February 3, 2014]. However, what is significant is that this tactic is openly being called out as possible misdirection.
The Republican leadership’s sudden cowardice has been triggered by the surprisingly stiff resistance of the GOP House Caucus to passing Amnesty.  According to Jonathon Strong of,a closed door session of Republican Congresscritters revealed that 80% were opposed to moving on a bill this year.  Speaker John Boehner and Ryan were apparently both restrained in their rhetorical support for amnesty in this meeting, as ordinary Congressman neither trust Barack Obama to enforce security measures nor the leadership’s promises that an Amnesty/immigration Surge would be politically beneficial.  [Did Showdown Kill Boehner’s Immigration Dreams?” January 31, 2014] 
Hilariously, Ryan is even saying that for an immigration bill to go anywhere, it has to be based on “security first, no amnesty” and only “then we might be able to get somewhere.”  [U.S. immigration bill “in doubt” this year, Republican Ryan says, by Margaret Chadbourn, Reuters, February 2, 2014] (Mickey Kaus catches Ryanoutright lying about this (“distorting and dissembling weren’t getting the job done, I guess”) on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos).
The conclusion – the Republican leadership isn’t composed of “leaders” at all.  GOP Congressmen are not listening to the likes of Boehner, Ryan, and Cantor.  Speaker Boehner resembles one of those late Roman Emperors who is a prisoner of his own soldiers. 
So who could command the loyalty of the troops?  The answer: Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, who is blazing a new and promising trail for the Republican Party politically, and ultimately more important, ideologically.  (Read the rest HERE.)

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  1. Immigration and its evil enabler "political correctness" is the great difference between myself and many Libertarians.

    Consider the book "Into the Cannibal's Pot" by Ilana Mercer for a more detailed explanation as to why immigration should be very tightly controlled by cultural requirements.