Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thinking about Russia, Part I

I've had fun in the past kidding about how we should offer Vladimir Putin the US Presidency, and other such exaggerations, based on the fact that Putin seems to be looking out for Russian interests, while it's been decades since we had a President looking out for our interests. But now, the Irish Savant presents a thoughtful piece on Putin and his significance, from his website HERE.

Much comment on the previous post about the possibility of Vladimir Putin and Russia as the last best hope for White Nationalists. Are those hopes realistic? I've put my thinking cap on and here's my position.

Ok, first the positives. For a start I love the way he refuses to be intimidated by ‘public opinion’ or warnings from his putative moral superiors in the West. Without messing he’s awarded Pussy Riot and the Greenpeace people hefty jail sentences and he’s banned the proselytising of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, outraging Western degenerates such as the ubiquitous Stephen Fry (who, you’ll never guess, equated it to the Holocau$st ‘where most of my family were exterminated’).
He’s also restored much of the power and wealth of the Russian Orthodox Church (it’s only with difficulty I see this as a positive, and only on the basis of my enemy’s enemy being my friend.) And there’s no doubt that he has made some powerful observations on the moral and demographic decline of the White race (“The white race is dying out. Do you understand what I am saying?”) and has acknowledged that this destruction has been driven from the top by ‘powerful forces’. The clear inference being that such a thing won’t happen in Russia under his watch.

But will it?

There’s cause for great concern. First it’s clear that his style is more USSR Release 2, or that of a Czar, rather than that of a Russian nationalist. Accordingly he’s set great store by accepting, nay, welcoming, huge numbers of Asiatics and north Caucasians…..overwhelmingly Muslim. On my last visit to Moscow I was staggered at the demographic change, from about 95% White ten years ago to about 70% now. There is no doubt that, despite his fine words, Putin has facilitated this, directly and indirectly, (e.g. employment and welfare bias) and almost exactly a year ago introduced an Amnesty for millions of such illegal immigrants. Does not all of this sound eerily familiar?

As in the West, a heavy clampdown on nationalism is a corollary of mass immigration. And have no doubt, Putin has come down very hard on Russian nationalists. Despite perceptions to the contrary, Russia has its own panoply of ‘hate’ laws and has applied them almost exclusively against nationalists. Just like in the West, attacks by enrichers get ignored, attacks by Russians on enrichers attracts the full force of the law and media. Putin’s antagonism to nationalists stems at least in part from the fact that they represent his strongest opposition by far. The embodiment of that opposition, the Rodina (Homeland) party, has all but been destroyed. But the persecution still goes on.

Worth noting here that (reflecting his nostalgia for the old USSR) Putin has established a youth organisation which is the old Komsomol in all but name. Any ambitious youth just has to join. And the new Konsomol is into multiculturalism in a way that would put an American university to shame. Every photo of the happy kids must feature a predefined (or so it seems) selection of black and brown faces (faeces?) and owners of said faces are promoted way out of line with their numbers and capabilities.

Bad as all of this undoubtedly is, it’s Putin’s relations with Jews that causes me the most concern. Now my main source of information here is my friend Oleg, whose view of Jews…….well, let’s just say that were our own esteemed Uncle Nasty to fall into his company he (UN) would soon be nervously edging towards the door. (Here's my earlier post on Oleg). Yet Oleg is not a liar and everything that I could check has stacked up. Essentially “Putin is surrounded, supported, mentored and befriended by Jews and anti-Whites in his administration and, in fact, has been throughout his whole career.” Indeed he has. Don’t be fooled by the Khodorovsky affair. Apparently Russia’s Jews had little time for him, and vice versa, and his jailing resulted from a power struggle with Putin, having nothing to do with his being an oligarch or Jewish. The oligarchs who have bent the knee to Putin have been allowed get away with their ill-gotten gains.

Wikileaks has provided extensive information on this subject (worth checking out for yourself). We get the unexpurgated views of the stakeholders, and they are indeed revealing. Here’s one example from the American Ambassador to Russia: “Lazar [Berel Lazar, Chabad Lubavitch Shliach to Moscow and Chief Rabbi of Russia] called Putin the most pro-Jewish leader in Russian history, referring to his deep admiration for Israel and the Mossad, his trip to a kibbutz, and his cooperation with the Jewish community. Lazar noted the increase in Russian reverse immigration from Israel, estimating 100,000 Jews had returned in the past four years. He cited Putin's tolerance as a principal reason for the uptick”.

Oleg swears that Jews are at the levers of power in every state institution, and as elsewhere, work assiduously at recruiting and promoting their own. Anatoly Chubais, one of the architects of the looting of Russia under Yeltsin as well as a whole catalogue of other atrocious criminal actions, far from being jailed or, more justifiably executed, is, and has been for over a decade, one of Putin’s most powerful allies. He’s free to continue robbing the country blind, empowering his own Jewish mafia as he does so. Oleg tells me that ordinary Russians are fully aware of this but feel powerless to do anything. As under the early USSR, there are severe penalties for ‘anti-Semitism’ which in practice means criticising anything or anyone that’s Jewish. By the way Oleg is emphatic that Putin’s mother was actually Jewish and it seems great efforts have been made to sanitise the official records, especially the spelling of her name. I’m unable to verify this, accounts are conflicting.

And we know, to our cost, what Jews do when they take over a country. No need to go over that again, isn’t that right, Mr. Shatter? Now some people argue that Putin is merely working with Jews, that they don’t control him. Maybe, but if so, good luck to him with that. So going back to my original question, does Russia under Putin offer hope for Whites? Based on the foregoing it would appear as if he’s as bad as any of the western traitors guilty of selling out their own countries. But there is one strange and contradictory coda: Almost all the ‘bad guys’ in the west, the Neocons, the libtards, the BBC, the New York Times etc. they all hate him. What’s not to love…. inimicus inimici mei amicus meus est (my enemy’s enemy) and all that?

My view? I think Putin sees himself as a modern Czar of the Russian Empire, a kind of a cross between Peter The Great and Stalin. He demonstrates strength, intelligence and persistence and could go on to be one of the most famous of Russian leaders. But a friend of White Nationalists? I don’t think so.

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  1. "Putin sees himself as a modern Czar of the Russian Empire, a kind of a cross between Peter The Great and Stalin. He demonstrates strength, intelligence and persistence and could go on to be one of the most famous of Russian leaders." - That seems accurate: he's an imperialist, not a nationalist. But imperialists are better than traitors. To go down in history as a great Tsar, a man who restored the empire, he cannot afford any too great betrayals of the Russian people. The empire is not for the benefit of the Russian people, the people are necessary for the empire.