Friday, January 31, 2014

The Enlightenment Darkens.... The Dark Enlightenment, Part III

And yet another commenter on the newish concept of the "Dark Enlightenment" pops up. (More HERE and HERE.) To some extent, it's a question of semantics.  It's clever to look at the way we on the Real Right (my term, I believe) think in comparison to the overoptimistic thinkers of the Enlightenment and call ourselves the Dark Enlightenment. On the other hand, it's a helpful term in that it keeps us reminded that Mistakes Were Made back in the Eighteenth Century.  Not that the founders really believed in the intrinsic equality of man, but that they failed to make it absolutely clear what they did believe in, at least to the 21st Century person. But even considering that, they were, as a group, far too optimistic. They came from a civilization that had risen rapidly for a millennium, so they can be forgiven for thinking that everybody, given a millennium or so, would do likewise.

Well, since then we've had lots of social experimentation. We've seen the deterioration of the republic they created under White, Western management, never mind everybody else. We've seen the absolute failure of all attempts to uplift the downtrodden. And we've had Darwin and others (including religious thinkers) explain to us exactly why the perfectibility of man is a little dicey.

But now I'll back off and let John Derbyshire give you his thoughts.

Dark Thoughts

So Derb-wise, the Dark Enlightenment is not a “they,” it’s a “we,” although as a chronic non-joiner, I’m probably going to have trouble being consistent about that.

Well, mainstream British journalists have noticed the Dark Enlightenment. On January 20th a chap named Jamie Bartlett (Jamie? Isn’t that a girl’s name?) blogged a flesh-creeper piece titled “Meet The Dark Enlightenment: sophisticated neo-fascism that’s spreading fast on the net.” Good grief! I can hear the distant stomp of jackboots already!

What’s it all about, Jamie, this Dark Enlightenment?

Well, they—sorry, we—are fed up with democracy. And:

The neo-fascist bit lies in the view that races aren’t equal (they obsess over IQ testing and pseudoscience that they claim proves racial differences, like the Ku Klux Klan) and that women are primarily suited for domestic servitude.

I didn’t know that races obsess over IQ testing, etc., but let that pass.

Having got your flesh creeping, Jamie (really? Jamie?) closes with soothing reassurance: “I’ll be keeping an eye on them, and report back here with any interesting developments as they happen.” Thank you, Jamie! Who knows what pit of horror our society might fall into without brave souls like you, ever vigilant!

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