Monday, January 13, 2014

The "Disparate Impact" Theory

It's really hard to parody something that already is a parody, so I won't even try. Instead, I'll tell you what "disparate impact" means, or is supposed to mean.  Let's say you pass a law against dancing in public. After a year or so, some clever lawyers look into the statistics, and find out that the law has had a disparate impact against non-Baptists.  That is, 1% of non-Baptists have been arrested for public dancing, and 0% of Baptists.  The lawyers argue in court that the law has a "disparate impact" on non-Baptists and is therefore immoral, unConstitutional, and just plain evil.  This is based on the assumption that there is no difference between Baptists and non-Baptists, so there's some sort of subtle thing about the law that is somehow discriminatory.

That sounds idiotic, but it's still not as idiotic as reality. Businesses that refuse to hire felons have been threatened, because since felons are disproportionately Black, the people the businesses refuse to hire are also disproportionately Black. Ipso facto, quod erat Jesse, Al, and Eric Holder. Here's a deeper treatment of "Disparate Impact" from Nicholas Stix.

Trayvon Martin—A Victim Of The Obama/ Holder Campaign To “Disappear” School Crime

What has variously been called a “letter” and a “memo” from theObama/Holder Justice Department was released (PDF) last week in effect ordering public schools, in the name of the law, to permit black and Hispanic students to break rules and even laws with impunity, while punishing white and Asian students for the same violations and crimes.

[The first page of the DOJ memo comes with this “Notice Of Language Assistance” although the people it’s addressed to are supposed to be American educational bureaucrats]
The giveaway: references to “racial disparities in student discipline” and to “disparate impact”:
The administration of student discipline can result in unlawful discrimination based on race…if a policy is neutral on its face— meaning that the policy itself does not mention race—and is administered in an evenhanded manner but has a disparate impact, i.e., a disproportionate and unjustified effect on students of a particular race.
Emphasis added. “Disparate impact”  is an anti-scientific phrasewhich institutionalizes the dogma that there are no racial differences in behavior. It has been enshrined in rogue court decisions by racial socialist judges.
The Obama/ Holder letter cites fraudulent “scholarship” that asserts that black students do not misbehave or commit crimes any more than do students of any other group. Such racial socialist propaganda disguised as scholarship used to appear every few years, but now appears more frequently.

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