Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Dark Enlightenment

The "Dark Enlightenment," as I understand it, is a category that includes most of us on the right, from the paleoconservatives to the libertarian nationalists, from Nietzscheans to conservative Catholics, from constitutionalists to White nationalists to neofascists.  Talk about a herd of cats.  Well, that's just my impression. It might be simpler to call the DE the nemesis of progressivism.  Maybe the Quibcag quote is the simplest definition.  Well, I'm no authority, so this post is mainly in the service of grouping a lot of links together on the subject, so you can read what you like and make up your own mind.  And now I'll back away and let you do just that...

The Quibcag quote is from HERE.

Matt Parrott says:

The “Dark Enlightenment” is New Right Lite™
Matt Parrott

The mainstream blogosphere is beginning to awaken to the sinister threat of the “Neo-Reactionary” movement. One recent blog post among several dedicated to exposing these Neo-Reactionary villains warns its readers about “The Dark Enlightenment: The Creepy Internet Movement You’d Better Take Seriously“!

Wake up, liberals! A new bogeyman is threatening our hegemony . . . (Read his whole piece HERE.)

Occam's Razor describes the Dark Enlightenment HERE.
Nick Land says all THIS about the Dark Enlightenment.

RamZpaul says:

What is the Dark Enlightenment? Recently, there have been a flurry of Cathedral hit pieces against this sinister force.

Let's see the words used - "sad", "creepy", "fetid", "angry". Yup. Looks like they used all the cliche "scare" words. The one paragraph below ("Blossoming on the Internet like a fetid rose") reads like a bad romance novel.

The 'neo-fascist' Dark Enlightenment is more sad than scary


Basically, it’s a de-Christianized form of right wingery that is drinking deep of white supremacy and racialism.


Blossoming on the Internet like a fetid rose, a mysterious new political movement has generated a serious and not un-terrifying critique of modern society. Its members are loud and growing in number, and they demand nothing less than the elimination of the democratic system. Mostly white, male and angry, they lie in wait for the imminent collapse of civilization


HBD Chick writes THIS.

And more about it from The Erudite Knight:

The Dark Enlightenment
Posted on January 28, 2014

The Dark Enlightenment – an umbrella term, describing basically the manosphere/altright, is rapidly gaining both momentum and has sufficiently gained enough traction that the enemies it has long warned against – feminism, unbridled liberalism, mass government, denying biological realities etc have recently taken note. Hit pieces are popping up, demonizing us as well….just about everything, but f*ck them because it doesnt really matter, in fact it is predictable, they will call us sexist, racist, conservative, misogynist…misogynist…racist oh and misogynist.

I came across this hit piece:http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/technology/jamiebartlett/100012093/meet-the-dark-enlightenment-sophisticated-neo-fascism-thats-spreading-fast-on-the-net/ not worth reading but here is a relevant quote ” bizarre online neo-fascist movement….Its adherents are clever, angry white men patiently awaiting the collapse of civilisation, and a return to some kind of futuristic, ethno-centric feudalism….is a loose collection of neo-reactionary ideas, meaning a rejection of most modern thinking: democracy, liberty, and equality.”

Since ‘taking the pill’ about 2 and a half years ago my mind has been blown, and my eyes have been opened to the massive lies we are routinely fed throughout our lives. First let us get some things out of the way, despite the LIE of liberalism supporting alternative view points the monolith of modern society is utterly opposed to free thought. I am boldly declaring the republican and the democrat parties complete shit, they serve huge corporate interests that give a TOTAL shit about the average person.

For example, things like Operation American Spring which I link back to here (http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-gQ) do you think you are EVER going to hear this on main stream media? F*ck no. If it gets popular enough it might get some hit piece on it for being some disorganized mess of angry white people – regardless of any actual truth. ALL because the status quo must be maintained, the system would utterly collapse if the sheeple realized that a sizable portion of the populace thinks our system is totally f*cked up and the sheeple started seeing the light.

How about that hit piece at the beginning? Like the standard modern argument style which attempts to pass for ‘logic’ it starts with typical ad hominem and straw men arguments…hell they even use a ‘Reductio ad Hitlerum‘ which is so 10 years ago mother f*cker. But…that aside lets look at what this peice and all really try to claim:

They try to claim that Dark Enlightenment people (often viewed as young, male, and white) are against so many ‘self evident’ posistions like equality. (Like stated in this article directly) This takes SO many forms, typically, it is like ‘what you dont think black people can be as smart as a white person?’ ‘you dont think women should get paid the same as men?’ ‘the patriarchy has ruined everything’.

The absolute biggest thing I found is the DE proponents ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY! Consider for a moment all counter positions to DE: Feminism (I am a women, I have been a victim) Race (I am black I have been a victim) Girl’s having higher value (I am a girl, it makes sense I have more value than those ‘creepy’ guys) etc, they are all VICTIM mentalities.

The absolute craizest thing I realized upon taking the pill was I had to accept my own problems. No one told me ‘oh its okay, its SOMEONE ELSE’S fault’. It was harsh cold logic – girls are bitches and if you are not completely dialed you will get raped by girls who know more about the game then you. If you are losing IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT. Now of course it is known the game is highly rigged against you, but you are told the rules, and told advice on how to navigate the mine field. Or how about ‘the government/corporatocracy is rigged very hard against you BUT here are ways to minimize the raping you might be subject to. Start you own farm, your own business etc’

The game is rigged way the f*ck against us. Mass media will demonize us, feminists hate us, the government hates us, egalitarians hate us. Because we are speaking the truth we talk about things like Human Biodiversity (that there is MEASURABLE difference in races) and this comes off as some sort of pseudo science, while the fallacy of equality is promoted endlessly in college and mass media. We talk about how modern women are completely f*cked up in having a ‘I can have it all’ mentality from government largasse, and lack of manners, and that negotiating this realm that can leave you legally castrated is somehow ‘misogynist’. Talking about the monopolistic government and banking system gets you labeled a conspiratorial theorist despite it all being documented and you can find it yourself. I am reminded of an Immortal Technique song (a very good anti-establishment artist) ‘Read it for yourself instead of asking the government ‘why?’ !!!’

What is really funny about that hit peice is I get the feeling that guy kind of gets it, that a deep part of his brain is like ‘what if this world really is f*cked up, and I am being fed with lies to keep people in power? …uh nah…after all the wage gap is real right?’(Its not.)

So yes, the DE proponents see the world for what it is beyond the ‘white and black’ a crippled, ineffectual system that is doomed to failure. It is propped up by far to many lies. You can bash and demonize us with your shallow rhetoric and logically fallacies all day, your fans and sheeple will take it willingly, but there are a growing number of us, and it is spreading every day, every day someone new wakes up and spreads it further, wakes up to that white men in particular, and society in general has been fed a lie. Do what you can, say what you will, the lies are being exposed for what they are, and the end is coming in our lifetime. So…be prepared – economic collapse, ww3, domestic crackdown, ‘terrorist’ attacks. Oh wait, I guess that makes me some crazy person too right? I’m just some sort of ‘neo-fascist, misogynist, sexist, racist, misogynist, anti-american, loser who cant get laid, mother issues, never loved as a child, basement dweller who needs to lay off the porn, who doesnt value equality, oh I bet he’s a misogynist that supports the patriarchy too!’ Sling enough shit, and something might stick right? Well whatever, this bitch is going down, and until then we are doing what we can to survive and thrive, we are men, we aren't victims.

Now, what do you think the Dark Enlightenment is?


  1. While I don't have anything against the Dark Enlightenment, why do you uyse Magic the Gathering cards and characters from japanese animation?

    For example the cat in the picture of that eruditeknight dark enlightenment picture is from one of the most feminist animes that is all the rage in Japan. IF the dark enlightenment wishes to fight against these injustices as feminism, perhaps they should not use some of the biggest symbols for them. Just my two cents.

    1. If Erudite is like me, he probably didn't know the origin of the illustration, but picked it for the way it looks.

    2. Actually...I do know the origin. The first is an AKM Arsenal SGL21...and I know you meant the second pic, which is an artist fanart of the anime 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica'

    3. It is tough to take you serious when you dont even have a name 'anonymous' but without devolving into ad homiem attacks, what exactly is wrong with 'magi madoka' how exactly is that some sort of feminist anime? It is a show about girls selling their soul for power that eventually consumes them.

      Look man, I write about feminism a lot, but we really need to be logically about our arguments and attacks, just because a show is about girls, it is not 'feminist'. Feminists are ridiculed for the ridiculousness, we cant be on their level.

    4. Hm. I just assumed anon was right about the feminist thing. But I've seen that before. People so burned out about feminism that they see it even when it isn't there. I'll have to check magi madoka out :)

  2. Ha, nice man! I like how the sheeple and the people in the dark are starting to realize there is something 'creeping in the dark' and that everything they are told may not be right. Truth is always attacked at first.

  3. Based on the list of political identities you listed at the top of this article, the Dark Enlightenment is home to more diversity than all the multicultural countries combined. I mean, where else can you have Anarcho Tribalism and Christian Imperialism coexist?

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