Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ted Rall on Identity Politics

Guest post by Baloo:

I have to admit that I'm a Ted Rall fan. There are oodles of liberal editorial cartoonists out there, and maybe a dozen or two that you can call conservative or libertarian. But Ted's the only one liberal one . HeI know of who isn't an apparatchik for the Democratic party. He has no more knee-jerk respect for Obama or Hillary than he does for their Republican counterparts.
In this cartoon, he's both right and wrong. He's right inasmuch as the actual conditions for Blacks have hardly improved under Obama, but have actually worsened. That's because he's applying actual observation and reasoning to the question, and Blacks, as a group, do nothing of the kind. He's sort of assuming that Blacks think like everybody else (a liberal fallacy that Ted, alas, falls for.... or does he?), and that they want what is good for them. They don't. What Blacks as a group want is for Whitey to be put down, no matter how much Blacks themselves are damaged in the process, and Obama is certainly doing that. The Trayvon affair is a good example. A sane Black person does not want the Trayvons of this world coddled and encouraged, because, of course, they're far more likely to victimize other Blacks than they are Whites. But all the Black "leaders," from Obama to Jesse to Al, leapt into the squabble firmly on Trayvon's side. And these same leaders are very much in favor of making Blacks even more welfare-dependent and rewarding any and all bad behavior on their part, another issue that a rational Black person, like, say, Tom Sowell or Walter Williams, would be on the other side of, along with us right-wing White guys

On the other hand, Ted must see what I'm seeing to some extent at least, or he couldn't produce gems like this one.  More on Obama on Ted's Blog. Keep up the good work, Ted.


  1. Identity politics is based on what I can take from you. countries are built and maintained on what we do together. A doesn't work at what makes a decent B.

  2. "far more likely to victimize other Blacks"

    This is a bit of a myth. A black criminal in the USA is about equaly likely to pick on a white or black victim. Nearly half of black murder victims are white. But with 6 times as many whites as blacks, a black is six times as likely to be victimised by a black criminal as is a white. From the white POV, white numbers dilute the effects of black criminality.

    1. Good catch. A given Black is more likely to be victimized, but the math says that a given Black perp is equally likely to victimize a Black or White target. Have to think about that for a sec, and then it's clear.

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    As Dr. Yeagley would say "The real problem in the Commie case is collecting."