Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ted Rall on Hillary

At this point, we're being more or less assured by the chattering classes that Hillary is certain to be the nominee — Or, to put it another way, she's the best the Democrats have to offer. When you think about it, that's a hell of an admission. All these other governors and senators and congressmen in the Democratic party just aren't quite as good as Hillary. We've come a long way, or gone a long way in some direction, since JFK, haven't we? Well, most of us on the right don't have any illusions about Hillary. She's so clearly what she is. Standing next to Bill (which happens now and then, for a photo op), she actually makes him look good by contrast, because for all his downsides, he's just here to have fun, while she's here to pull the wings off flies and do other psycho-feminist things. But most liberals, alas, are so into their herd instincts that they can't bring themselves to think about things like that, and prefer so have indignorgasms about Chris Christie's traffic jam.

One liberal, however, who isn't drinking that particular Kool-Aid is Ted Rall.  He says:

SYNDICATED COLUMN: What Would President Hillary Do? She’ll Be the First Woman President.

January 14, 2014

Hillary is the talk of 2016. Will she run? According to the pundit class whose water cooler speculation gets repackaged as “conventional wisdom,” the nomination is the former First Lady’s for the asking. Following a coronation that saves her cash and bruising primary battles, it’s currently hard to conjure a Republican who can stop her from taking the general election too.

But to paraphrase a recent viral music video, there’s one thing that no one knows:

What would President Clinton II do?

I posed this question to “Ready for Hillary,” the main pro-Hillary Super PAC. “Ready for Hillary focuses on grassroots organizing, not policy,” replied Seth Bringman. “Policy decisions would be up to the campaign if Hillary runs, which we are certainly encouraging her to do. We amplify the causes Hillary is advocating for and spread the word to our more than one-and-a-half million supporters. We have done so when Hillary spoke out on immigration reform, health care, voting rights, unemployment insurance, and the government shutdown.”

Given that the pre-primary season doesn’t begin for another 18 months, it’s a little early to expect a fully fleshed-out policy platform from a probable candidate. But HRC isn’t a fresh young thing. She’s been kicking around politics for decades — so it’s more than a little strange that neither her fans nor her enemies has a clue what she’d do about a host of issues.

Long before 2000, Al Gore’s longstanding interest in climate change signaled that the environment would have been a priority in his administration. Beginning with his testimony in the 1971 Winter Soldier hearings, John Kerry’s career path predicted a preference for diplomacy over war. On the other hand, it was similarly clear long before 2008 that a John McCain Administration would have been belligerent and quirky, featuring occasional alliances of convenience with Democrats.

So, what about Hill? The only agenda item anyone could have reasonably predicted was a revival of HillaryCare — which is now basically Obamacare. The biggest arrow in her quiver is gone.

Ready for Hillary says it has raised $4 million from 33,000 donors during 2013. That’s a lot of money. You’d think the donors would know what they’re buying, but if that’s the case, they’re keeping it to themselves.

Hillary leads every poll of the Democratic field for 2016. But why? What is it about her that makes some liberal voters swoon?

I combed the Internet looking for signs of something approximating a political agenda. I pushed out the following question to social networks: “Support Hillary for 2016? Can you tell me what she would DO?”

The closest approximation to an answer came back: “She would be the first woman president.”

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  1. Ted is my favorite Leftist. He is honest.

    1. I actually remember one of his comics. It was Obama speaking with other Democrats in the White House regarding the results of the 2014 elections.
      "Great, now we'll get even less done."
      "Less than nothing?"
      "Are those mistakes, or theoretical physics?"
      "Yer blowin' my mind!"