Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Steve Sailer's Latest War, World War T

No, Steve Sailer isn't starting a war, he's predicting a war, and as predictors go, Steve leads the pack. He's been talking about World War G (gay) for awhile, but now he sees World War T (transgender) on the horizon, as a new victimized group emerges for all regular people to fell guilty about. But I want to back up to make a point. Sports, mostly, bore me to death, and writing about sports is even more stultifyingly boring. I can think of four writers on the subject of sports who I have actually found interesting. The first is H. Allen Smith, alas long gone, who was funny about baseball. The second is Roy Blount, who, despite being a flaming liberal, is a funny writer, and managed to make football funny. The third is Perry Glasgow, whose baseball blog is damn funny, and, finally, we have Steve Sailer, who is indeed funny, in a very dry way, but is mostly interesting, and who writes about sports from a, you might say, anthropological/biological/evolutionary perspective, and in this piece, even manages to make golf, of all things, interesting.  Now, as this piece starts, it really doesn't seem like it'll ever get to the golf part, but it does, so my illustration is justified. From Takimag:

World War T

As the gay-marriage juggernaut crushes all resistance within America, it’s become obvious that the mainstream media doesn’t want to declare victory and go home. They want sequels. But what’s left to exploit in demonizing average people after the elites have gotten all they demanded?

One obvious strategy is to go global, to turn the domestic gay crusade into World War G.

The problem from a political-correctness standpoint is that the worst abuses of homosexuals in the world today take place in black Africa or the Muslim Middle East. So it would be racist or Islamophobic to go global at the moment.

Fortunately for the American press, the mostly white and ethnically Christian country of Russia recently passed a law against spreading gay propaganda among minors. And since spreading gay propaganda, especially to impressionable young people, is the essence of the American prestige press’ gay-marriage campaign, this has been taken very personally. They are looking forward to using the Winter Olympics of 2014, the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, to stoke hostility against Russia.

Hopefully, this will just turn into another long, expensive Cold War without anybody actually getting it into his head to invade Russia to prevent what is calling “a Gay Holocaust.” But even stupider things have happened in history. After all, there is much power and money to be harvested from mindless international tensions. Sometimes, as in 1914, however, they slip out of control.“

But what’s the post-gay-marriage strategy to keep the pot bubbling here in America? Sure, the gay marriage whoop-dee-doo served as a distraction from the major issues America faces (it’s not wholly coincidental that Wall Street ponied up much of the money for the campaign), but perhaps the media can double down and find an even smaller group to noisily champion. How about…transsexuals, transvestites, trans-whatevers?

World War T!

Indeed, I started to notice that World War T was the next domestic campaign last spring when The New York Times splashed a big story about how a “transgender” mixed martial arts fighter—“Fallon Fox, born Boyd Burton”—was being discriminated against by not being allowed to beat up women for money.

Ever since, the press has been running similar stories. And the witch-burning fever has been mounting among the Volunteer Auxiliary Thought Police.
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