Saturday, January 11, 2014

Something Fischy about Stanley Fischer

I blogged about this Stanley Fischer Wormtongue-type a few days ago HERE, and now some big guns are chiming in. Steve Sailer says:

"...the nomination of Fischer is to establish that it's A-OK for a dual-citizen high Israel-government official to move over to a similar job in the U.S. government. Sure, a few years from now it may still seem a little unusual for, say, the head of Israeli military intelligence to move on to running the National Security Administration in Fort Meade, but don't you remember the Fischer Precedent?"

And you can read his whole piece on the subject HERE.  Be sure to read all the way to the end for what will shock some of our more naive readers.

The thing about Steve is that he's subtle. He can say pretty devastating things without seeming to, while I'm the lay-it-on-with-a-trowel type.  For example, my question is, who in the Hell decided to grant US citizenship to this son of a bitch in the first place?

Less subtle than Steve, but probably still more subtle than I, we have Vox Day, the quibcag quote of the day, who also says:

What happened to "never again"?

The Learned Elders of Wye had better speed up their exit plans if they're going to continue to perpetrate materially traitorous idiocies such as this:
President Obama plans to nominate three people to the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, including Stanley Fischer, former head of the Bank of Israel, as the Fed’s next vice chairman, the White House said on Friday.... Mr. Fischer, 70, would succeed Ms. Yellen in her current role. The Senate confirmed Ms. Yellen as the Fed’s new chairwoman this week. She will take over from the current chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, in February. ...

More importantly for Israel, Stanley Fischer won an appointment to the Reagan administration's U.S.-Israel Joint Economic Discussion Group that dealt with Israel's 1984-1985 economic crisis. ... The U.S.-Israel Joint Economic Discussion Group fundamentally transformed U.S. aid to Israel forever.  Before the Reagan administration, most U.S. aid to Israel took the form of loans that had to be repaid with interest.  After the input of Fischer's team, subsequent U.S. aid was delivered in the form of outright grants paid directly from the U.S. Treasury—never to be repaid or conditioned when Israel took actions the U.S. opposed.
Can you even imagine the widespread outrage if Haruhiko Kuroda of the Bank of Japan was appointed to the Fed and he promptly began sending billions of dollars to Japan? Or if Zhou Xiaochuan of the People's Bank of China was named vice chairman and he subsequently began repaying US debt to China in gold and advanced weapons technology. Now keep in mind that Stanley Fischer is already guilty of literally giving billions to Israel!

It's long past time for the USA to take two immediate measures. First, shut down all financial aid to Israel. The USA is bankrupt. So is the Federal Reserve, if its newly expanded balance sheet was marked properly to market. If Israeli citizens are convinced that inflation is good for the economy and they want to print money, well and good, but let them print shekels, not U.S. dollars.

Second, ban all dual citizenships. There is no such thing as a "dual loyalty". It's very clear that Stanley Fischer has no loyalty to the USA. His loyalty is to Israel. That's perfectly clear. It's even admirable. Would that his American counterparts felt so strongly about serving their own country. But it also means that he has no more place in a decision-making capacity for the US monetary system than Christine Lagard or Mario Draghi.
That's clear enough, isn't it? Read his whole piece HERE.
Dual citizenship is a horror, of course, both politically and logically. It of course has to be abolished, and any new American citizen, logically, should be required to publicly and clearly renounce any other citizenships, which appears never to happen any more. Currently, we have millions of residents, legal and illegal, who hold Mexican citizenship. Those who have US citizenship of course should be required to renounce Mexican citizenship. This is made difficult by the fact that the Mexican government explicitly states that Mexicans remain Mexican citizens wherever they go, and that their children, wherever they're born, also are Mexican citizens and can vote in Mexican elections. The situation with Israel is even weirder, because Israeli law basically says that any Jew anywhere in the world is an Israeli citizen automatically any time they decide to claim it.
If we ever have an actual American government again some day, the whole citizenship concept will have to be revised and clarified.


  1. >>> This is made difficult by the fact that the Mexican government explicitly states that Mexicans remain Mexican citizens wherever they go, and that their children, wherever they're born, also are Mexican citizens and can vote in Mexican elections. a

    That is EXACTLY the same with USA citizenship!

  2. The point is that (I don't know if it is legally sound or not...) they can't renounce it by taking citizenship elsewhere whereas an American citizen can renounce their American citizenship however conveyed.