Sunday, January 12, 2014

Recruiting Troops in Japan

I find Japan and Japanese things unfailingly fascinating, and usually surprising. While our recruitment ads these days seem to be aimed largely at attracting girls into the armed forces, to keep our metrosexual intellectual elite happy, the Japanese are using girls to attract men into their armed forces, which they call "JSDF," for "Japan Self Defense Force." And I can see why it works. Here, to the right, are the mascots they use. Interesting, isn't it, that the color scheme for army, navy, and air force is the same as ours?And here's an explanation of it all from Sankaku Complex:

Humikane Art “Increased Army Volunteers 20%”

A JSDF command which took the far-sighted measure of hiring Strike Witches creator Shimada Fumikane to create mascot characters for its army, navy and air force recruiting efforts is reporting huge success.
Okayama prefecture JSDF forces hired Shimada Fumikane (who happens to reside in the prefecture) to design the girls in the summer.
The “three moe girls” now feature on pamphlets, a calender and the official site of the command in question, and the military reports running out of materials at many of the events they were distributed at, with patriotic volunteers even approaching them for more art.
90,000 postcards and 6,500 calenders later, the forces claim volunteers in their prefecture have increased “20%.”
The base is however silent as to just how many of these eager souls go on to actually join up (Japan’s tiny military tends to be oversubscribed), or for that matter are top recruiting material, but Strike Witches fans could not be happier…

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