Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger Dies, Goes To Hell

Communist Pete Seeger with communists Martin Luther King Jr,
Charis Horton, Rosa Parks, and Ralph Abernathy at communist 
Highlander Center in 1957.

Pete Seeger, an obnoxious communist who cheered on the death of millions with his little banjo, has finally died. Nicholas Stix, at his BLOG, writes:

Pete Seeger, America’s Most Famous Communist Folk Singer, 94, Now Playing to Standing Room Only Audiences… in Hell!

By Nicholas Stix

He was “the voice of America’s conscience,” as one of the brain-dead, pc morning shows put it. OnCBS This Morning, co-hosted by old Charlie Rose showed a clip of a 1983 interview of Seeger by an impossibly young looking… Charlie Rose!

Lefties have often used “conscience” as a code word for communist. It’s funny when you think about it: Communists have no concept of “conscience,” which for them is an individualistic, bourgeois concept.

At least one of the laudatios said that Seeger taught Martin Luther King Jr. “We Shall Overcome.” Was that a compliment, or a criticism?

The hagiographies emphasized Seeger’s work in the “civil rights movement” and in his later years, the environmental movement. Those weren’t two movements, they were one: The communist movement. (Read more, and see a lot of videos, HERE.)

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