Monday, January 6, 2014

Media Mediocrity

There's some kind of a self-criticism news show on Fox on Sundays, and yesterday they were discussing the idiotic New York Times story which basically said that Obama and Hillary (especaially Hillary) were Absolutely Right about Benghazi and that any criticism of them was just silly. This story was denounced as an effort on the part of the Times to smooth the path for Hillary's nomination in 2016. But nosiree, right there on allegedly conservative Fox News, one of the talking heads said that journalism "doesn't work that way" and that journalists, I guess, are objective and honest as all hell. Talk about closing the ranks. Of course, it wasn't directly an effort to specifically get her nominated, but the usual journalistic bias in favor of Democrats, liberals, or anybody to the left. The same journalists who think it's cool to call Sarah Palin trailer trash, but insist on worshipful respect for the likes of Hillary.

Fred Reed on government and its enablers in the media, from his site HERE.

Washington: The Illusion of Government

The Media: The Illusion of Coverage

January 6, 2014
In a paroxysm of patriotic musing, I reflected that Washington is an insular, incestuous, inward-looking city, chiefly interested in itself, so politically inbred as to be in danger of hemophilia, out of touch with reality, having remarkably little understanding of or interest in the rest of the country or the world. Isn’t this wonderful?

Inbreeding? By comparison with the Yankee Capital, West Virginians are on the outer limits of hybrid vigor.  (Yep, Fred is firing on all cylinders.  Keep reading HERE.)

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