Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Japan Sucks," says our Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Princess Kennedy

It's almost like what's left of the Kennedy family is determined to make JFK look good in comparison to their idiot selves. The idiot Caroline Kennedy has tweeted something that would be stupid and undiplomatic if she remained a private citizen.  It's all the more stupid and undiplomatic because she is a diplomat.  And it's triply, nay, infinitely stupider and more undiplomatic because she's our Ambassador to Japan, the country she's trashing in her stupid, undiplomatic tweet."

Seriously, what is it about these Kennedys? Like in the Karol Traven quote, there, most of these political dynasties tend to die out fairly rapidly (though I think Karol is too optimistic about the Bushes), or remain on a local or state level, but the Kennedys just keep coming and coming. Did Jack and Jackie's cuteness really have that much of an impact, or is there something more insidious and sinister going on? Does it have anything to do with pod people or brain slugs? I'll keep you posted.

The below is from Sankaku Complex (warning: adult pictures there), and, although the blogger is under the impression that Caroline is a former Senator, the rest of what he says seems accurate.

US ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy’s tweets officially condemning the “inhumaneness” of her host country’s dolphin hunting antics are proving highly controversial, with even those who oppose them forced to wonder at her diplomatic nous..
Princess Kennedy tweeted her opposition to dolphin hunting in Japanese (which she does not apparently have any grasp of herself):
The American government opposes dolphin drive hunts. We are deeply concerned about the inhumanity of dolphin drive hunt fishing.
And subsequently in English with slightly different wording:
Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing. USG opposes drive hunt fisheries.
Ambassador Kennedy’s appointment was feted by the Japanese media and Americanophiliac elements as a symbol of just how much the US values its vassal, although the more sceptical were left wondering as to just what practical use a washed up senator with no diplomatic experience or knowledge of Japan would be.
(Read the rest, including some interesting public reactions, HERE.)

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