Monday, January 13, 2014

Dual Citizenship and Banks, Again

If you haven't been here for awhile, do scroll down to see other posts on the subject of Stanley Fischer, a foreigner who Obama thinks should be given immense power to mess around with our economy. It's not that he's inexperienced. On the contrary.  He was part of the gang that raped and looted Russia under Yeltsin. We can be sure that he's a seasoned professional in such things, and will do a terrific job in raping and looting us. Interestingly, the Irish Savant thinks that Fischer may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. One can only hope. From his blog HERE.

Of straws and camels' backs

In the early days of this blog I used to have long email discussions with Uncle Nasty (not his real name) on the issue of mass immigration. My beef was with the Africans and Muslims who were flooding into our lands and ruining them.  UN had a different view, seeing them as mere front line troops in a deep and ongoing Jewish plan for the demise of Western/Christian society.  Initially I disagreed, seeing Jews as highly intelligent and capable, and yes, while they might be 'liberal' and internationalist, I found it easy to understand why. And some of the earliest and most trenchant critics of mass immigration were the Jewish people I knew.

That was then of course, this is now.  As I dug deeper and deeper, peeled back layer after layer of the onion I came around to fully accepting his take. I still found it hard to understand why they continued to do what they do, given that they're in no danger at all in the West, au contraire, they're thriving.  It seemed so counter-productive. His explanation? That's just what they do.  They can't help it.

I've by now almost fully accepted his position on this as well, even though I still can't really get my head around it.  It's just so....perverse. And finally I came to an even more outlandish conclusion in that it seemed they use their power to  actually provoke and humiliate us.  And as I warned here, this was a very risky way to behave, irrespective of  your control and power.

UN pointed out that, always and ever Jews kept pushing and pushing, never learning, until at some point the host population exploded in anger, with predictably dire consequences.  Until very recently the  possibility of this happening today seemed, to my mind at last least, remote to the point of being non-existent.  Well,  I'm no longer sure of that either. You see, the nomination of Stanley Fischer,Governor of the Central Bank of Israel as the 'Deputy' Chairman of the US Federal Reserve has elicited a torrent of outrage. Before I go on to that let me say that I'm just staggered at the chutzpah here, which borders on the reckless.

The Federal Reserve (of course it's not 'Federal' at all. It's privately opwned by the major American banks and has been a Jewish preserve since God was a boy.  Over the last few decades has roundly screwed up the US economy and further enriched the infamous 1%.  Now were I a member of the tribe in question, especially when you consider that tribe's existing stranglehold on the MSM, Hollywierd, the law, politics and academia I'd be saying - and I really would - Jesus ladstake it easy will yez? We'll have everyone else down on top of us like a ton of bricks. This is totally over the top. Stop it, for the love of God or we're all fucked.

But they've gone ahead and done it.  And here's the rub.  There has - at last - been that explosion of outrage. Not of course from the editorial writers and columnists in the MSM, almost all of whom seem to have names like Cohen, Fleischer, Applebaum, Kravitz etc.  No, it's coming from the readers.  The ordinary Joes.  I have never seen anything like it either in terms of volume or vehemence. And look, I'm talking about the MSM, and middle-of-the-road economic and political blogs here, not the Alternative Right. All this despite what clearly has been a massive culling operation. For example up to late last night the LA Times printed a mere three comments (two of which were highly critical) whereas such a subject would normally attracts dozens of comments within hours.

Let me repeat: I have never seen anything like it. I've displayed below a representative selection.

Why do the terms 'straws' and 'camels' backs' spring to mind?

PS:  If you do your own checking look out for an hasbara in the classical mould, riding under the avatar of Anthony Alfidi.  He's everywhere!

Reader comments

It's a living nightmare. How did it come to this?  How can a tiny little racial group run the entire world's economy?

This should be enough to catapult "Mein Kampf" to #1 not just in the Politics section.
American now is in the same position Germany was ca. 1914-1929. Soon Americans will realize why Hitler (and most Germans, Austrians and Poles) hated the jews so much.

Their contempt for non-zionists, even other jewish people,  extreme hate - ironically you have never met a nazi until you've heard a zionist, greed, exploitation of anyone perceived as weak, and their superiority complex that stem from a mixture of propaganda and innate inferiority at the heart of their religion which cast them as wandering slaves. All of these heady brew of ideas form an extreme group of exceptionalists who believe themselves to be immune from criticism, with a deep victim complex that is used to justify hatred and harm to others who have never done them wrong.

Can you imagine Obama nominating Mahammad El Erian who maybe is more qualified than Mr. Stanley. An politicalquake of magnitude 9 will shake Washington

What the real history revisionist are saying is that "anti-semites" and "jew-haters" where a small minority, the real truth is that they where the overwhelming majority and for very good reasons.

American now is in the same position Germany was ca. 1914-1929. Soon Americans will realize why Hitler (and most Germans, Austrians and Poles) hated the jews so much

"They"  ain't just joobankers, "They" are joolawyers, joodoctors, joomovieexecs, joomediamoguls, joomercantilists, etc. And they all seem to subscribe to gentiles=cattle meme, in my experience. So yeah, lumping a group is as lumping a group does.

 It's a jew system, they devised it.  As it goes off the cliff and gets dashed to bits on the jagged rocks below, it is only fitting that jews are in the driver's seat.

Okay that's it. I am going to read Mein Kampf this weekend.

This is a complete outrage. The man is an Israeli, not an American. He has been structuring US aid to Israel for decades, doing vast damage to the US in a massive giveaway. In 1985 he rescued Israel with a US grant that comes to $1650/person in Israel, plus all the other aid. We can't know what he'll do, but we can be sure it will be a massive benefit to Israel at our expense, as is everything else this guy has done for decades. He is also a big player in the Israeli effort to turn the sanctions into a war. He is their leader in that effort.  Outrage!!!

Beggars belief!   Why not move the Fed over to Tel Aviv altogether?

As the old saying goes "Know a Jew, Hate a Jew"

Let the Goyim eat cake,    Enemy at the gate

The guy is a card carrying dual loyalist. He use to be a governor of Israel's central bank. Just imagine the advanced investment tips he can give the Israeli bankers. It is really a shame there isn't anyone with only American citizenship who can do the job. If he is confirmed confirmed it is an unbelievable outrage. My guess is if the American public learn of this there will be such a hue and cry he will not be confirmed. The audacity, the hubris. America, take Stanley Fischer down a peg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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