Sunday, January 26, 2014

Defending Huckabee, of All People

Earlier today I saw a left-wing post on Facebook that accused Mike Huckabee of saying that women can't control their libido. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth about what a Neanderthal bigot he was for saying such a thing, and for expressing such "hate" for women, etc. etc., the usual liberal faux indignation, or, as it's been called elsewhere, an "indignogasm."  Then, of course, as I knew I would, I ran across what he actually did say, which is reproduced in the Donald Joy piece below, where he points out that it's feminists who say, or imply, that women can't control their libido and therefore need government help for birth control.

The think about Huckabee is that he's a neocon, that is, a liberal masquerading as a conservative, or, to be more charitable, a liberal with a couple of common-sense conservative characteristics. Overall, Huckabee is very disappointing to a genuine conservative or libertarian.  He's essentially a fan of open borders, for example, and supports our overseas adventuring in the Middle East, which is plenty for me to consider him a species of liberal.  In this particular instance, however, he quite properly denounces the ditzy feminists for what they are, as well as I could expect from a genuine conservative, or even a libertarian.  Would that he would show similar common sense in other connection.

This from ClashDaily:

If Old White Republican Men Don’t Chastise The Slut Culture, Who Will?

By Donald Joy / 26 January 2014 /

Former Arkansas Governor and 2008 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been poking the whores’ nest recently, by making some bold remarks on his TV show and at a Republican National Committee luncheon last Thursday. Democrats and their media operatives went apoplectic.

“If the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are hopeless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing them with their prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it,” Huckabee announced, sending seismic shocks throughout the ranks of both major parties.

Good for him. I don’t buy into this propaganda spin that says the Republican Party has an image problem, and needs to “rebrand” itself with all kinds of “progressive” posturing in order to woo more women voters, minority voters, and so forth. The people who say that–and there are an extremely large number of them who do say it–are really actually saying that republicans must abandon what we believe in and become democrats. It really is that simple.

Liberal democrats have perfected the art of constantly keeping conservatives on our heels backpedaling, defending, apologizing, groveling, and denying. Denying that we are this, or that, or stand for this, that, the other thing…come on. Let’s just stand up for what we believe in and be who we are. If our culture and our country have changed so much and become so corrupted that our views, principles, and platform are no longer popular or relevant or electable, then that is that, and we’ll simply lose elections and eventually cease to exist. So what?

Really, so what? I mean, how much control do we really have, over whether people voluntarily do the right thing or not, according to what we believe is the right thing? It’s God’s job to change hearts, not ours. And it’s vanity to think that we know with utter certainty, better than anyone else, what the right thing is. But that doesn’t mean we are off the hook from having to try to know, and to act. Yes, we do have some amount of influence, and we have to exert it to the extent possible. We have to make the case and seek to persuade, through various practical means. But there is a limit. And that limit is the same limit point which says once we stop ardently advocating for our beliefs, and instead cave in to what our opponents say we should think, do, and be, we cease to do the right thing by our consciences, or even be who we are. We are not all that interested in selling our souls, to win worldly elections.

Bringing us to the point in question: Huckabee was actually saying that it is the democrats, and their agenda/message of government dependence and avoidance of consequences for poor lifestyle choices, who insult American women–not republicans, with our message of independence from big government, and personal responsibility. What’s so hard to grasp about that? Nothing. It’s easy and clear. But the hyper-spin began even long before Mike Huckabee opened his mouth. The script always gets flipped around to make it sound like the republican party, admittedly comprised of a larger proportion of older Caucasian men as mouthpieces and ordinary members than the democrats, is somehow waging a “war on women” and hates minorities, and so on.

All because we dare stick with the tried and true, naturally engineered and ordained gender roles of eons and eons of human experience, and because we advocate for the preservation and prevalence of a unique, unprecedented, and wildly successful culture that was built with the blood sacrifices of millions of our English-speaking forefathers, a culture which is still the envy of the world and attracts millions to our shores to share in it. What is wrong with having spokespeople and advocates for that way of life, who happen to largely resemble those who designed, fought for, and died for it?

Nothing. Nothing at all. There’s nothing wrong with having older white male republicans lecturing to young, brazen, uppity communist slatterns among our overall population to keep their knees together until marriage and stop acting like prostitutes, spreading diseases and psychological damage, stop aborting millions of babies, and get back to tending the hearth and home like virtuous women should.

Such lectures need to be given and heard, and almost no one else else is delivering them. So it is up to us old white men to put our feet down where appropriate. Someone has to say it, someone has to do it. I applaud Mike Huckabee.


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