Monday, January 6, 2014

Being Riffed On

This is Haruhi Suzumiya reading either "Ex-Army" or "Vulture of Critique."
Whichever it is, she's clearly becoming enlightened and loving it.
You'll no doubt have noticed that one of my favorite blogging practices is to quote or reblog somebody else's posts, and then comment on them, riffing, so to speak. I do this partly to expand on what they've said, sometimes to dispute elements of their post, but mostly to call your attention to something I think you ought to read, and maybe get you to visit the blogs in question more frequently. I'm pretty sure most bloggers like being riffed on this way, because I certainly do, and I especially like it when Vulture of Critique does so, because he always takes things off on an unexpected tangent or two and usually goes considerably deeper into the issue than I have.  Today he starts from my post on dual citizenship and gallops madly off in all directions.  Read it HERE.

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