Friday, January 24, 2014

A Steve Sailer Political Correctness Quibcag, and Other Fancy Stuff

Most readers of this blog will also be readers of Steve Sailer's blog, but for those of you who are not, let me unpack this quote.  There are things that everybody notices, but which it is taboo to notice, and therefore to notice these things or, even worse, to admit noticing these things, is contrary to political correctness, a philosophical straitjacket that Torquemada would have envied. These are things that most of us over a certain age are well aware of, like the fact that Blacks are much more likely to commit crimes, that gay marriage is idiotic, that gun ownership deters crime, that open borders will wreck any country, and all these things that curmudgeons like me yammer about constantly. You know, uncool things.

Now, a comedian/actor I've never heard of, Patton Oswalt, (that doesn't mean much — I only heard about Miley Cyrus a couple of months ago, I think) has tweeted this Sailer quote to his followers, and some of his followers have marionette-like jerked themselves into politically correct responses, utterly horrified that an entertainment person would dream of reading a right-wing fanatic like Steve, let alone quote. Well, Steve is amused by all this as well, and he reproduces the feed HERE.

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