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Vibrant Ethnic Diversity, Roma Style

Drawing by Glee-Chan, Quote by Dave Holle, Quibcag by Baloo
Guest post by Baloo:

I was discussing Star Trek and all its aliens with my good friend Dave Holle once, and as for the Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans, etc., he remarked:

"I've met stranger people than these in Chicago."

And, of course, he was right.  No matter how weird Klingons might seem to you, you have to admit that we have much weirder ethnic groups right here on Earth. Indeed, the many races of the Star Trek universe can best be seen as watered down versions of the groups of Earth. Klingons are not quite as violent as Africans, and not quite as stubborn as Samurai.  Vulcans are not quite as socially petrified as Chinese, and not quite as logical as Germans. Ferengi... Well, we'd better leave the Ferengi out of this.

Well Captain Kirk never met anybody quite as frustrating in his be-bopping around the Alpha Quadrant as the people known variously as Gypsy, Rom, Romany, Gitano, Zigeuner, цыган, यायावार, etc. In discussions you may have with people who assure you that immigrants, no matter where they're from, will assimilate right away, or at the very least by the second generation, just remind them of our Gypsy brethren, who've been in Europe for seven centuries or so and who still haven't assimilated and have no plans to do so.  Here, the Irish Savant tells us how the deep-thinking liberals in the UK are fixing it so that this time, finally, the Gypsies really will learn to fit right in and become regular Englishmen and Englishwomen any day now:

Don't know whether to laugh or cry...........

Sheffield City Council obviously has high hopes for its new Roma enrichers.

'Don't defecate or urinate on the street'
'Don't have sex on the street'
'Don't dump your rubbish in your neighbour's yard'
'Don't try to sell your babies'
'Don't shoplift'
'Don't rip out and sell the plumbing and other utilities from your taxpayer-provided housing'

Maybe the pictures shown here of a Roma settlement in Slovakia prompted the Council to issue these thoughtful suggestions. If you think they're of Pakistan or India then it's because that's where these parasitic scumbags originated. And now they'll be swarming over the UK and Ireland in even greater numbers from next January as the already pathetic immigration controls are abandoned entirely.

We really have arrived at the apex of insanity where literally the lunatics run the asylum.

Want another example?

'We want to claim our streets back. Tensions are building here. We need to do something or it will be too late’.

What's mad about that? Well, the fact that it was uttered by one Kashmir Malik of Sheffield's Pakistani 'community'. Yes, according to the Daily Mail 'the local Pakistani community association is running ‘official’ warden patrols between 8pm and 10pm every weekday with the intention of ‘educating’ the Roma population about ‘how to behave in England’.

'Our' streets............'how to behave in England'.

One's head spins. We descend deeper into the raging cauldron of insanity, of mass delusion as a nation self-destructs before our very eyes. We are the rats in the maze of this deranged experiment. Sheffield in this instance is the petri dish. But listen. There's method to the madness. It's an old totalitarian technique. Blatant and relentless cognitive dissonance, the absorption of one insane phenomenon after another, all serve to undermine the victim's (that's us) self-confidence, pride, dignity and by extension our capacity to resist. This tactic has been well established.

And what about this....... David Blunkett, a key member of the government that did more than any other to flood the country with the kind of people who build the kind of countries those same people are desperate to escape from........this guy warns that the area 'couldexplode into the ugly street warfare that broke out more than two decades ago'. Words fail me. Personally I'd take childcare advice from Casey Anthony before I'd take social advice from this decrepit horny old hypocrite.

Remember this, just in case the opportunity ever arises to roll out the tumbrels and bring these traitorous scum to justice. They have waged an unrelenting war against the family, against the community, against tradition, against history, against wisdom and experience, against individuality, against ethics, against common sense, against classical aesthetics, against reason and statesmanship.

Against reality and human nature itself.

In Sheffield we can see at first hand the results of their evil machinations. How cannot the great mass of people not see how they've had their country taken from them? Is there any hope?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Feminism/Science = Oil/Water

I keep saying over and over that feminism is the silliest philosophy anybody ever came up with. But "silly" might be too broad, not specific enough. There are plenty of things wrong with feminism, from a complete, willful ignorance of human nature, to hard-core doublethink, as in their insistence that we have a "rape culture" and their simultaneous insistence on outlawing handguns so that women will be completely vulnerable to rape. But maybe Stuart Schneiderman is clearest on the subject: Feminism is absolutely and invariably hostile to science.  Science, you know, where you form hypotheses and test them. Which is not making up ideology and suppressing all evidence of its inaccuracy. That's the opposite of science and the fundamental underpinning of feminism.  This is in keeping with the nature of feminism as a subdivision of liberalism or progressivism or whatever euphemism they're using for themselves these days.
Thanks to an anonymous commenter at Steve Sailer for finding this. It's from THIS BLOG:

The Feminist War on Science

On its face the conclusion seems intuitively obvious and unobjectionable.

Things being what they are, today’s researchers needed to interview a group of college students to establish the facts of the matter.

The matter in question is not the sexual behavior of college students, but, more specifically their sexual regrets.

Lo and behold, they discovered that young women are more likely to regret having indulged in too many or the wrong kind of sexual experiences while young men are more likely to regret having missed out on sexual opportunities, for not having been sufficient assertive.

Amanda Hess, no fan of the study, summarizes its conclusions:

… female students were more likely to express regret over sexual actions they’d taken—like “losing their virginity” to the “wrong partner”—while male students were more likely to feel remorse over actions they did not take—like being “too shy to indicate sexual attraction to someone.”

That male and female sexual behaviors differ significantly is central to Darwinian psychology. One might even say that it is settled science.

The science says that men and women have significantly different reproductive potential—men can in their lifetime produce far more offspring than can women—that the direct consequences of conception are vastly different for the two sexes and that it's far easier for a man to walk away from a pregnancy, men and women are psychologically predisposed to live their sexuality differently.

In so doing they are acting rationally and making decisions based on the reality of their experience. As a rule, women are more selective and more cautious in choosing sexual partners while men are more reckless.

You probably did not need Darwin to tell you this and you probably do not need a degree in biology to understand it. As I say, it feels unobjectionable.

Human psychology and human behavior are, to some extent, hard wired into the organism. And it is likely that they have been part of the human makeup for quite some time now.

Evidently, feminists find this all to be offensive. They prefer ideology to science and rush out to attack any scientific study that contradicts their deeply held convictions.

Many feminists also believe that their ideology and the concomitant indoctrination that so many people have undergone has radically altered human nature, to the point where the experience of their grandparents is not relevant to the way they live their life.

If this isn’t out-of-control narcissism, I don’t know what is.

Or better, in this ideologically driven view of humanity, people become silly putty, to be molded by their new masters into a form that corresponds to their ideas.

Whatever the merits or demerits of specific policy prescriptions, the feminist enterprise is geared toward reducing, even obliterating the difference between the sexes.

For example, if women are allowed to have abortion on demand then it would be "almost" as easy for a woman to walk away from conception as it is for a man. And obviously, complete access to contraception would strike another blow against the patriarchy. All we need now is the invention of gestation devices to replace wombs. Then we can all pretend that men and women are the same.

Note well that the logic of evolutionary psychology has nothing to do with the way people lived during the Stone Age. It takes the realities of human biology as a constant. Stone Age behaviors might be relevant, if we knew very much about them, but so would the way human beings functioned in Biblical times, in ancient Rome, in primitive cultures and during the last century.

For her part, Hess is deeply offended that anyone would care compare today’s college students with hunter-gatherer, Stone Age cultures. And yet, without having to quiz a bunch of college students, a minimal amount of ratiocination tells us that where Stone Age women were expert at gathering, today’s woman is equally expert in a correlative activity: shopping.

Still and all, nothing about the argument thus far requires that we understand the psyche of the Cave Man or Woman. I underscore the point, and I present the case for evolutionary biology in terms of biological constants. this grounds the theory in reality, not in speculation about the way we all lived way back then.

These facts have not impressed the feministocracy. Hess reduces science to mythmaking and dismisses it:

So evo-psychologists look to “modern-day hunter-gatherers as proxies” for Stone Age psyches, then rely on a lot of guesswork to crudely construct the gender dynamics of our ancestral homes. Scientists in the field make projections about our deep ancestors that are colored by their understanding of contemporary human beings; then, they use those projections to “explain” why differences between modern men and women have been set in stone for millennia, and are unlikely to budge any time soon.

So what's the point in "proving" that among a tiny sample of college students, a handful of men and women feel a different sort of deep regret about sexual scenarios that we can vaguely compare to our fantasies about the gender roles of our prehistoric ancestors? A study of the sex lives of 200 college students can’t actually tell us anything about how our early ancestors shacked up, and vice versa. It could, however, speak to the masturbatory tendencies of some scientists.

But, since when did feminists believe that masturbation is a bad thing? When did masturbation become an insult? In the old days, feminists promoted masturbation as a way for women to liberate themselves from the tyranny of male sexuality. Besides, it’s foolproof contraception.

As for the notion that evolutionary psychology rests on a mythic reconstruction of the Stone Age psyche or even the Stone Age social organization, it is a nonsensical caricature, one that is specifically designed to erase the biology of gender difference.

One has slightly more sympathy for the complaint about the mind of the average American college student, but if the responses of those students are not as clearly defined as an evolutionary psychologist would expect, the reason might be that they have been indoctrinated by feminist ideology and conduct their lives accordingly.

When placed in an academic setting where they are answering question they are certainly cognizant of what the politically correct answers are.

The only real myth here is the myth of gender sameness, a myth for which there is no evidence whatever.

To be fair, many feminists believe that their ideology has transformed women and men so radically that they do not even resemble their grandparents. By this logic, we are a brand new species and we can make it up as we please.

Effectively, this anti-science intends to write human beings out of the natural world, to say nothing of the animal kingdom.

If human beings do not have fundamental and essential qualities in common with their ancestors, they will become silly putty in the hands of ideologues.

Now, Hess and other anti-scientists point out that the studies performed by evolutionary psychologists on college students are not as definitive as one would wish. The differences are not marginal, but they are not as radical as the Darwinian hypothesis would suggest.

But, what exactly does this prove? Does it show that human being is more plastic than the scientists imagined? Or does it show that young American college students, products of their culture as well as of their nature, have learned what is and is not the correct way to think about sexual regret.

If the reality of evolutionary psychology rested on a quiz given to some American college students, Hess might have a point. In truth, the quiz shows that human nature remains in tact, even after having been indoctrinated.

The Knockout Game and Thankfulness

I forgot to mention what I'm thankful for this year. I won't go through it all, but one thing I'm very thankful for is the fact that curmudgeonly squarepeggers still exist.  "Squarepeggers" is, I think, a term coined by L. Neil Smith that refers to people who just won't fit into those round holes prepared for them. I'm clearly a squarepegger myself, for a number of reasons, so I really appreciate other such folks, and near the top of the list is Robert Lindsay.  No, not the British actor, but the American blogger. He's a self-proclaimed leftists, describing himself as "practically a communist," which would lead us all to expect a standard politically-correct fellow. But we would be wrong. Robert does his own thinking, and has his own opinions. I don't agree with everything he says at all, but by God if he says it he thinks it, and didn't get his opinions from TV talking heads or the establishment elite or from the MAG (Media, Academia, Government), which is where most of the sheep on the left or what is ridiculously called the right get their opinions.

A current issue is the Knockout Game, and the orthodox PC position on this issue follows this pattern:

1. It isn't happening. People are just making it up. Racist people.

2. It's happening, sort of, but it has no racial significance whatsoever. Again, only racists say is does.

3. It's just "young people" acting up, and because racism again.

4. Okay, it's happening, but it's wildly exaggerated, and it's hardly happening at all, really.

5. Well, it's happening, but it's understandable and justifiable because of hundreds or thousands or millions of years of White racism.

6. It's happening, but the victims are crybabies and have it coming anyway.

Robert doesn't buy any of this, which makes him a very honest, realistic leftist.  Here's his take on it from his blog HERE. Thanks to Quartermain for pointing this out:

Media Finally Takes Notice of Knockout Game

The Knockout Game is a game where mostly Black young people mostly attack Whites (and sometimes Hispanics) by running up to them from behind and punching them in the head and then running away. Other variations refer to it as “Polar Bear Hunting,” since it is mostly Blacks attacking mostly Whites. The Alternative Right, the White Nationalist and the White racist media has been reporting on this crime which is obviously mostly Blacks targeting mostly Whites. They have emphasized the obvious racial overtones of this crime. The response from the media has been overwhelming silence.

Now, finally, the media has decided to report on it. Why? Because the Blacks finally targeted one of the most special human beings on the face of the Earth, a group that is obviously better than any other group of humans. These attackers dared to target an Orthodox Jew! This was a group of Muslims. A Black Muslim has been arrested along with his three associates. One of his associates is a White man who looks like a Muslim from the Middle East or South Asia. An anti-Semitic slur was yelled when the man was attacked.

This appears to be a case of Muslims, both Black and White, deliberately targeting a Jew as part of the knockout game in what looks like an anti-Semitic attack. The attackers are now being charged with a hate crime.

An idiotic Orthodox Jew in the New York Legislature is making speeches that the Knockout Game is targeting people “of certain ethnicities and religions.” His crazy notion is that Jews are being singled out in this game. This is important to him because the only people who are important are Jewish people, and everyone else doesn’t matter. The truth is that vanishingly few Jews have been targeted as Jews in this game, and if they were, it was only if and when they are targeted as Whites who just happen to be Jewish.

In many of these Knockout Game attacks, I understand that anti-White slurs are yelled by these Black attackers. In not one single case, has a Black attacking a White been charged with a hate crime. It’s only a hate crime if you attack the one of the world’s most special people – a Jew! Countless White Gentiles were attacked and no one cared. It took the targeting of a Jew to make the media sit up and take notes. I wonder why that is? Why did the media only care about this when a Jew got nailed?

Because of the media blackout, no one really knows who the targeters and targets of the Knockout Game are. From what we can tell, the perpetrators of the Knockout Game are overwhelmingly young Black males. Their targets are apparently overwhelmingly Whites, though in at least one case, a Hispanic was attacked, and he died. In at least one case, a White Muslim along with other Muslims, at least one Black, used the Knockout Game to target a Jew.

A similar thing has been going on in the UK for some time now. They engage in the Knockout Game along with something called Happy Slapping. Although it is mostly Blacks happy slapping Whites, some Whites have reportedly taken part in Happy Slapping attacks. And a Black Nigerian man was arrested for two Knockout Game attacks, one against a South Asian woman and one against a Black woman.

It remains to be seen what the media will do with this racially charged game. It is amazing that the cops are just now waking up to the systematic nature of this game. Stories are reporting that police across the country are “looking for links” to the Knockout Game in attacks in their jurisdictions. But the Knockout Game has been going on all over the country for years! The cops have to wait for a Jew to get attacked before they start doing their job?

Quartermain also recommends Larry Elder's piece on the subject HERE.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkeys for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

I keep thinking that L. Neil Smith must surely have run out of creativity and new ideas by now, but then he surprises me with some new stuff. He's been doing that for years now. "Wimpersnits and Oogies" couldn't have been thought up by anybody else, except maybe Jonathan Swift, A. A. Milne, and Roger Miller working together.

Neil and I don't agree on everything, now. For example, he's a cat person and I'm a dog person. I enjoy and admire predators, too, of course, but even more, I enjoy and admire the more adaptable scavenger-predators, which I why I live with dogs:)

But Neil is quite right that animals can't have any rights in a legal sense. Maybe in some kind of spiritual sense a la Savitri Devi, but not in any legal sense, because, most importantly, they can't comprehend the concept of rights or freedom.  Oh, they want to be free, but they don't know that they want it, any more than a rock rolling downhill knows what it's doing. Freedom is something that most all living things unconsciously want, but because it's unconscious, they can't even conceive of a polity where other creatures have freedom.  Hence, they have no rights. Plants don't either, before you ask.

Neil has hopes for cetaceans and other hominidae, but I don't, not really. I'm more inclined to agree with another great SF writer, Clifford Simak, who thought that dogs would maybe attain sophontry next, as our protégés.

A note on the illustration — I thought this called for a quibcag, and since I couldn't find a good picture of a girl on an elephant, I used a girl on a big turtle. Sorry for any confusion that might result.

A Whale of a Tale
An Open Letter to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

by L.Neil Smith

Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

In a series of novels I'm writing, called "The Ngu Family Saga", there is a character, a special favorite of mine, Julie Segovia Ngu, who writes children's books. Julie's books are anti-authoritarian, and circulate all over the 22nd century Solar System, except in places, like East America, where authoritarianism is still practiced. In such places, her books are banned, which, of course, makes them even more popular.

In Julie's books, a little girl and the cousin she babysits for, respectively twelve and eight years old, are born, and live in an enlightened, libertarian civilization on a terraformed asteroid. But somehow they get lost—sideways in time—in places where people do not own their own lives, and where initiated force is the order of the day.

The force is usually initiated by government of one kind or another. In the first ethically retarded culture Conchita and Desmondo find themselves in, government is divided in two parts, Wimpersnits and Oogies. The former fit neo-something-or-other Ben Wattenberg's definition of a liberal: an individual who is "terrified by every known phenomenon"—and passes laws motivated by that irrational terror.

Think Muppet Labs. Imagine Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's pusillanimous assistant, Beaker, elected to Congress. Wimpersnits may sound and often look like Beaker, You don't have to be an elected politician, though. Jesse Jackson, Sarah Brady, Morris Dees and the Center for Science in the Public Interest are all Wimpersnits First Class, with Oak Leaf Clusters. Wimpersnits outnumber real human beings 100-1 in Hollywood.

Oogies are uniformed thugs franchised to enforce, without question or hesitation, the Wimpersnits' many evil, stupid, or insane mandates. Their task is to beat up and kill anybody the Wimpersnits are afraid of—or who is not afraid of them—which, ultimately, means almost everybody.

The reason I bring this up is an Associated Press story I saw at, courtesy of the Drudge Report. Prepare yourself for a peek into the surreal nest of snakes that passes for the minds of American Wimpersnits, Animal Rights Division. It seems People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who have amply demonstrated that they know nothing about ethics, people, or animals, are trying to remove a float from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade because it features a gigantic, delightful, inflatable representation of Shamu the Killer Whale,

"Orca", they say, because they don't want you to know that the stomach contents of this cute, loveable tuxedo kitty of the sea usually include the remains of dolphins, seals, sea lions, otters, and other cute, loveable critters. Killer whales have been known to belly flop themselves onto ice floes for a meal of tasty sled-dogs. I don't mind this at all; on the contrary, like Valentine Michael Smith, I enjoy and admire predators. I'm one myself. That's why I live with cats.

But balloon-Shamu must be banned. PETA's reason? Seaworld and other places like it "exploit" and mistreat the creatures in their care. In the 60s, I learned to scuba dive at such a place, hobnobbed with real live porpoises, and don't believe a word of it for a minute. I've heard it said that the situation of possibly sapient sea mammals held in such places amounts to kidnapping and slavery (provided that they are indeed sapient) and I'm not entirely unsympathetic with that idea.

But I wonder how we would know that they are possibly sapient if we had not collected them and set them to tasks requiring great intelligence. It's the same dilemma I considered in Forge of the Elders.,
We need all the intelligence we can find, because the world is run by idiots. A recent and appropriate example came to mind when it was reported a few days ago that some massive amount—tons or carloads, I wasn't paying attention to the numbers—of confiscated "illegal" elephant artifacts, tusks and things carved out of tusk ivory, were destroyed by federal wildlife thugs employing powerful rock-crushing machinery.

The idea made me sick to my stomach. I happen to like elephants a lot, and, following the late Colonel Jeff Cooper, I don't know if I could shoot one; they're too much like people. But I wouldn't stop anyone else from hunting them and I wonder what the elephant huggers believe they have accomplished with this barbaric act of theft and vandalism.

They may not give an elephant's ass that the Constitution does not allow the government to steal objects and artifacts from people, and destroy them, on the basis of aesthetic sensibilities, or to enforce prohibitions passed by the economic and ethical retards of the United Nations.
They may disagree with me (this is what made me sick) that it is bad enough that the elephants had to die, but now they have died for nothing.

I know that they won't want to hear that if the elephants were properly managed the way mule deer are in Colorado, they would not be endangered, and there would be plenty of elephant meat and ivory for each of us, not to mention the non-thuggish jobs that would make possible.
And if I asserted that we ought to import a seed-herd of elephants and let them run wild and be hunted right here in the American West (I believe they'd prosper especially well on Texas' Llano Estacado—it would be good practice for hunting genetically resurrected mammoths), the poor Yoonies would soil their baby-blue underthings and faint dead away.

Like I said, the world is run by idiots.

I wrote and proposed a plank in 1977, for the Libertarian Party national platform, calling for a moratorium on further captures, and intense scientific studies into the possibility that "certain simian and cetacean species" possess intelligence—and therefore rights—equivalent to those of human beings. The imaginatively challenged on the platform committee feared it would embarrass the party, and it generally went down like a Macy's Thanksgiving balloon—filled with lead.

Another splendid leading-edge opportunity, skillfully avoided.

But speaking once again of that parade, dear PETA, why should I take your demand seriously, that animals be treated ethically, when you obviously hate, loathe, and despise your fellow human beings? I suspect, from long, unpleasant but revealing experience with organisms of your ilk, that it's because you all hate, loathe, and despise yourselves,

That's the secret that lies festering at the necrotic core of your so-called "movement", a dark, roiling, corrosive hatred of yourself, of your family, of your "friends", of your country, of your species—and a sick, twisted yearning to make everybody else as unhappy as you are.

You'd be unwilling to treat people ethically, even if you knew how, Exactly like every "progressive" (a word you adopted because you soiled "liberal" so badly it can no longer be used), it isn't enough to submit your beliefs to the marketplace of ideas. You have to try to silence those who disagree with you. All of our lives, libertarians and conservatives have had to tolerate your claptrap in the media you control. You, however, are constitutionally unable, blood and bone, to tolerate the feeling that others might be free to publicly contradict you.

So you have made an enemy of a balloon. How pathetic. That balloon is an exercise of the First Amendment. Belief in animal rights, just like the vast majority of "progressive" hobby-horses, is symptomatic of a deep psychopathology. Mental illness does not trump the Bill of Rights.

Get used to it, PETA. I'm not telling you to shut up. I'd never do that. Far too much do I enjoy shredding your threadbare, irrational arguments in various media I get paid to write for. I am telling you to leave the marvelous Shamu balloon, the great Macy's Parade, and Thanksgiving Day itself—no matter how piteously the turkeys gobble—the hell alone, or I will recruit an army of other highly talented writers and researchers and make a special project of deconstructing you.
I don't think you'd like that.
Meanwhile, chew on this ...

The Libertarian Enterprise, March,1996
And have a happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Golden Dawn — If This Be Fascism, Make The Most Of It

People keep using the word "fascist" as though it were the ultimate evil, politically, and they're quite wrong to do so.  So far in human history, the ultimate political evil is communism. It's killed millions and destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions. It's annihilated human accomplishment and turned beauty to ugliness, freedom to slavery. It's everything Orwell said it was.  Fascism, on the other hand, is a weapon devised precisely to combat communism. When it was clear that the monarchists and social democrats of Europe had no hope of stopping communism from spreading, the fascists stepped up to the plate, meeting communist street thugs on their own terms — fighting fire with fire, so to speak. Unfortunately, the whole Western world has fallen for the fascism-as-ultimate-evil scam, thereby assisting the communists in their attempt to get a second wind.  Right now, in Greece, the Golden Dawn has been too successful at opposing the left, so, whether it is or not, it's being called fascist and even neo-Nazi. This from VDare:

Like It Or Not, Golden Dawn Fighting Genocide In Greece

Some murder victims are more equal than others.  In a worrying precedent for Americans, the Greek government is persecuting the anti-immigration Golden Dawn party, while tolerating  its violent enemies.  Under the guise of exterminating “Nazism,” the government is exterminating the Greek people—just as the largerEuropean Union officially pursues what can only be called thegenocide of the historic European population. But there are signs it’s not working.
Last year, we were told by the Main Stream Media that the Greek Golden Dawn Party was running wild, beating immigrants, and receiving the assistance of the police. [Rise of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party leads to spate of immigrant attacks in Greece by Alex Spillius, Daily Telegraph, 26 July 2012.]  But Golden Dawn became Greece’s third-strongest party, with 18 MPs in the 300-strong Greek parliament after the June 2012 Election. [Greek Golden Dawn member arrested over murder of leftwing hip-hop artist,  By  Helena Smith,, September 18,  2013]
Reaction was not long in coming.  Last year, triple jumper Voula Papachristou was kicked off the Greek Olympic team as retaliation for poking fun at African immigrants Olympics 2012: Greece kicks triple-jumper Voula Papachristou off team for mocking African immigrants on Twitter by David Sanchirico, New York Daily News, July 25, 2012.]
and making statements supporting Golden Dawn.  [
This past September, 34 year old “anti-fascist rapper” Pavlos Fissas, also known as “Killah P,” was killed—an ironic fate for an “artist” who routinelyfantasized about murdering his political opponents.  Golden Dawn supporter—not member—Giorgos Roupakias, 45, reportedly confessed to the crime.In a totalitarian crackdown, the Greek government declared the entire Golden Dawn party a criminal organization, and arrested over two dozen of its leaders and members, including party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos.  Michaloliakos remains in jail until his trial.    
The U.S. equivalent would be arresting the entire Democratic Party leadership because a Democratic “supporter” murdered a Republican.
Golden Dawn’s poll numbers reportedly dropped from 10.8 to 6.6 percent, following the Fissas murder. [Greece’s Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party Branded a Criminal Organization by Athanasios Tsiouras, Atlas Network, November 19, 2013.]
Contrast this with the official reaction when, on November 1, Golden Dawn members Emmanuel Kapelonis, 22, and Giorgos Foundoulis, 27, were murdered in a drive-by shooting in an Athens suburb.The communist group “Militant People's Revolutionary Forces” took credit for the double murder, bragging that it was in retaliation for the Fyssas murder. But there have been no arrests.
While U.S MSM has  constantly cited Fyssas by name, all appear to have refused to name the Golden Dawn murder victims. I had to find their names via an Australian outlet.  [Greek group claims Golden Dawn killingsSBS, 17 Nov 2013.] Note that, while the U.S. MSM routinely refers to Golden Dawn as “neo-Nazi,”it never seems to refer to its enemies as “communists.” [Two Members of Greek Neo-Nazi Party Killed in Drive-By Shooting,Voice Of America, November 1, 2013]
But in response, the party’s poll numbers received a shot in the arm, back up to 8.8 percent.  [Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party gains support after members killedReuters/Haaretz, November 16, 2013.]  Not surprisingly, this is leading to more MSM kvetching about “fascism.”
While conservative historians like Paul Gottfried will carefully describe the differences between “fascists,” “Nazis,” or different varieties of “conservatives,” Communists regard them as all the same and have been calling them names for 80 years. 
Today’s Reds have a richer vocabulary: “racist,” “white nationalist,” “white supremacist,” “xenophobe,” “homophobe,” etc.  However, they all mean the same thing.
To communists, there are only two sorts of people on the planet: communists and “fascists.” And every “fascist” is a genocidal racist, who seeks to bring about another Holocaust.
This context has to be kept in mind when reading about Golden Dawn.  I have not seen any citation of genocidal Golden Dawn literature or statements, private or public, even by its enemies.
Moreover, Greece has an extremely violent recent political history. The grandfathers of today’s activists were killing each other in a civil war less than seven decades ago: some 158,000 people reportedly died.
However, one thing I do not doubt about the party: It does seek to run all aliens out of the country.
Let’s not beat around the bush. Golden Dawn are a brutal lot. But it is a party in a revolutionary situation, confronted with mass non-white, Third World immigration into the West.
In Greece, an incredible two million immigrants, most of themrecently-arrived, illegal, non-white, and Muslim, are leeching off and dispossessing the mere 10.8 million white, 98 percent Orthodox Christian, Greeks. [The CIA World Factbook, last checked on November 22, 2013.]
Greece is one of the main entry points for illegal immigration from Africa and Asia, most of it from across the Turkish frontier. Back in 2010, up to 350 immigrants were crossing the border every day, accounting for about 90 per cent of all illegal immigrants coming into Europe. [Uncontrolled immigration is fuelling Greece's violent street politics. The EU needs to sit up and take notice by Colin Freeman, Telegraph, last updated: September 30th, 2013.]
Some Greek businessmen support the invaders, based on the usual short-sighted Slave Power-type greed. But the most powerful force behind the invasion is the European Union.  The EU is actively pushing policies that will result in genocide against all indigenous, European peoples.
The Free Dictionary defines “genocide” as
The systematic and widespread extermination or attempted extermination of an entire national, racial, religious, or ethnic group.
[“Genocide,” The Free Dictionary, last checked on November 22, 2013.]
So Genocide doesn’t have to involve death camps.  It can proceed, as it is already does in the Anglosphere and Europe, by non-violent coercion.  Whites are pauperized through confiscatory taxation so they cannot afford to have children of their own, while they involuntarily pay for the invaders’ children and relentless anti-white propaganda.
However, as whites’ numbers decline, the process will end in outright violence, as is occurring in South Africa right now.
Golden Dawn is simply resisting this genocidal process and filling a political vacuum. 
Two Greek academic “experts,” Daphne Halikiopoulou and Sofia Vasilopoulou, have written that Golden Dawn arose because of the failure of the rule of law and rising unemployment. 
That’s true, but not in the way the authors meant.  If the Greek government had upheld the rule of law and deported illegals, Golden Dawn would not have been necessary. 
However, the academics refused to consider Golden Dawn has a legitimate grievance.  Instead, they justify government repression and hypocritically support “anti-racist and anti-fascist civil society organizations and activities.”
Greece matters because this same pattern is playing out across the Western world.  In 2010, German Social Democrat economist Thilo Sarrazin wrote the runaway bestseller Germany Abolishes Itself.  Sarrazin showed that non-white (predominantly Turkish) immigration was systematically destroying Germany.  In response, every tenured Marxist hack from Jürgen Habermas on down set in motion a defamation campaign alleging Sarrazin was a Nazi.
Peter Brimelow coined the phrase “Hitler’s revenge” in his 1995 book Alien Nation to describe how Western nations, repulsed by Nazism, have reacted by abolishing their own identities, so in the end, Hitler is actually achieving his goal of destroying his enemies.
When government refuses to perform its core functions such as protecting the borders and enforcing the laws, the nation has a choice.  Citizens can either step in to do the job, or the nation will perish. 
Golden Dawn is resisting Hitler’s revenge.  It’s resisting the extermination of the Greek people. 
And if they want to survive, other Western nations will, one way or another, have to make the same choice – no matter what names they are called. 
Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blankout => Knockout

The MAG (Media, Academia, Government) is mostly in deep denial about the Knockout Game. In the first place, they say it's not happening.  In the second place, it is happening, but there's no racial significance to it at all. In the third place, the young Black "teens" are simply reacting to how badly all we White people treat them.  In the fourth place, the White people who've been attacked are just whining crybabies and had it coming to them anyway. According to Steve Sailer, Slate says the whole thing is just a myth. Steve's written a lot on the subject lately, so I recommend you visit his site and read it through. Interestingly, Al Sharpton says it isn't a myth, and that there's no excuse for it, so this makes him a right-wing racist, too. Welcome to the club, Al! So what we have here, really, is denial. Denial on the part of a lot of people. Here's the deal. When a woman is driving her car, and stops, and a man walks towards it, if she has any sense, she locks the doors.  Most sane women do so, unless the man looks Black, in which case they don't lock the door, for fear of looking like a White racist. Completely idiotic self-destructive behavior, all induced by politically correctness and egalitarian propaganda.

That's what makes the Knockout Game possible, you see — People failing to take any precautions at all in the presence of Black thugs.  Thank you, White liberals. It's willful blindness, or as Colin Liddell puts it, a "blankout." He explains how this works in more detail:

The Blankout Game versus the Knockout Game

Colin Liddell

The Knockout Game, as the whole world is starting to learn, is an activity engaged in by groups of Black “youths” whereby they attempt to sucker punch a lone victim, usually someone of another racial group and therefore White.

It is fascinating to see the way in which the mainstream media is now sidling up the problem. A lot of interest has been spurred by the good work of Colin Flaherty, the author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot,” who has done much to publicize the ‘game’ to people who haven’t had direct experience of it, including Thomas Sowell. Another factor might be prominent attacks on Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn.

Flaherty’s book actually conflates several kinds of Black-on-other violence, such as flashmob attacks, muggings, and general unruliness, but the real Knockout Game is the ‘sport’ of trying to knock a lone victim unconscious with one punch, the so-called “one hitter quitter,” as in the case of Pittsburg English teacher James Addlespurger.

The Platonic ideal, if one may misuse such terminology, is for one member of a Black gang to pull off a perfect, cartoon-like knockout punch on a supposedly unsuspecting or temporarily distracted victim, while other members give immediate positive feedback and intimidate bystanders with their presence. Sometimes no audience or back up is needed, and the assault can be carried out by an individual, as this example from London shows.

This is what is meant by the Knockout Game. The phrase is now threatening to become an umbrella term for a wide variety of Black misbehaviour, but, in its pure form, it is in fact a highly significant and telling phenomenon connected to the cant and absurdities of the modern multicultural society. Although the number of people directly affected is still rather small, the real racial dimension of the ‘game’ is actually much wider than most people suspect.

This is because the Knockout Game does not exist in a vacuum, but is the product of the awkward race relations between Blacks and Whites and another ‘game’ played by Whites that I will refer to as the “Blankout Game”: the simulation of racial blindness that leaves them open to attack by practitioners of the Knockout Game. This is the true root of the Knockout Game: unacknowledged racial awareness combined with feigned racial blindness.

The most famous example of the ‘game,’ due in part to the excellent security video footage, was the recent attack on Addlespurger. The 50-year-old English teacher was filmed being spectacularly knocked out by a punch from a 15-year-old Black youth. The media and Addlespurger himself claim to be baffled by what they describe as a random attack, but this is obviously a case of reality denial rather that an unawareness of reality.

The video of the Addlespurger attack makes for interesting viewing. First of all it shows that the attack took place in the middle of the day and in a reasonably busy area. There are several other people around, all of whom are obviously intimidated by the gang, and so do nothing to intervene.

Even in conditions like this, no reasonably intelligent person walking down an ally in the face of a gang of Black teenagers could be completely at their ease and oblivious of danger. Yet, Addlespurger continues to approach the group in just this way, with a completely open posture and looking ahead rather than at the gang. It is just as if the approaching gang were a group of old ladies or boy scouts. Addlespurger here is clearly playing the White man’s Blankout Game.

A closer view of the body language associated with the Blankout Game can be seen in this video, which shows a 2006 mugging attack in a McDonalds. The victim plays tries the usual ploy of ignoring the threatening Black man, and making a point of showing that he is not distrustful – and thereby implicitly racist – by turning his blind side to his soon-to-be assailant.

News reports of incidents of the Knockout Game suggest a similar pattern, with White victims either being unaware or feigning unawareness of their assailants, as this account from the recent murder of Michael Daniels in reveals:

The first blow struck Daniels on the side of his head, a witness said.

“Daniels staggered and looked around. There was no one in front of him. The kid who threw the punch was young, maybe 10 or 12, and had lunged from the side to strike Daniels, according to a witness who gave a statement to police.

Daniels stood 6-feet, 1-inch and weighed 240 pounds, according to arrest records.

The kid and four other teenage boys ran across the street and stopped to look back at Daniels.

Then a taller kid in a red hoodie, the hood tied close around his face, and the kid who threw the first punch ran back toward Daniels. The smaller kid waved back the others, a witness said.

When the two reached Daniels, the bigger kid in the hoodie started swinging.

Three punches and a kick dropped Daniels to his knees, broke his glasses and left him sprawled on the sidewalk, said Joe Brown, who says he saw the attack from an upstairs window.”

The attack on the young lady in London fits into this pattern. According to her own testimony, she was aware of her attacker’s interest in her before the attack and must therefore have heard him running up behind her, but rather than taking any kind of evasive or bracing action, she simply continued walking in an open and unguarded manner, making her an easy sucker punch victim.

One of the characteristics of modern urban societies is the way that people politely, or not so politely, ignore each other. This habit of treating other people as if they are not there is essential to the smooth running of dense urban societies, simply because we don’t have time to treat everyone who passes within our orbit on a one-to-one human basis – nor would we want to!

In well-run homogenous societies, like Japan for example, where there are high levels of mutual trust based on racial homogeneity and shared culture, ignoring others or turning your back on them is hardly a problem. For this reason you will often find Japanese people asleep on trains and in other public places in complete safety.

It is a different story in multiracial societies, especially those like America, where there is deep-seated animosity and smouldering distrust between the different racial groups. In general, American Blacks harbour resentment and feelings of animosity against American Whites, who, in turn – quite sensibly – distrust Blacks. But the questions are how they can express that distrust and whether the society will allow them to do so.

Where such feelings exist, the natural response is for the antagonistic populations to separate out, and this has happened to a considerable degree in America at the community level, with self-segregation and White Flight.

But at a street level, things are more complicated, and Whites and people of other groups may suddenly find themselves in awkward and potentially dangerous situations, as Addlespurger did.

The correct natural response when a potentially dangerous group of young men from a different racial group appears is to be extremely wary. This should involve such actions as keeping them in view, bracing oneself, readying a weapon – makeshift or not – for self-defence, and maintaining as much distance as is possible by circling around the group, crossing to the other side of the street, or even doing a U-turn.

The problem, however, is that multicultural societies unnaturally strive to maintain myths of racial harmony and equivalence. This means that any of the above actions can easily be considered inflammatory. The victims know this and so do the victimizers, who know they can use any of the above actions as a provocation and justification for an attack.

This may be what happened to Phoebe Connolly, a victim in Washington, D.C., who didn’t allow the attack to impinge on her liberalism.

I ultimately, I’ve moved past it and I really have no hard feelings about what has happened. And I just see it as another reason why we need to better support our youth with activities and youth programs, which is actually what I do for work, and it’s great to see teenagers do incredible things when they’re supported and empowered.

Connolly certainly wouldn’t want to show any fear of an approaching Black man. That would be racist.

The only thing the Western multicultural society allows a White person to do in such cases is to pretend that nothing is wrong, and walk past such groups as if they were all members of the same racial and ethnic trust group. Any other behaviour would be considered ‘racist’ or an expression of ‘unfair stereotyping.’ In fact, to counter the natural rush of feelings of fear and discomfort, special efforts must be made to mask emotions and appear nonchalant, unconcerned, and open.

The methods used to achieve this include the forced smile, looking at a spot in the distance, looking unconcernedly away, staring at the ground, and showing a lack of positional awareness. All of these responses either lower the victim’s defences or signal to the Blacks the victim’s awkward racial awareness. The bottom line is he makes himself in the eyes of his assailants an easy and worthy target for a sudden punch.

One of the media myths quickly developing about the Knockout Game is that the victims are almost always unsuspecting and that the attack is random and out of the blue. This was the line followed in the coverage of the Addlespurger case. It is part of the all-out effort to de-race the crime.

Yes, the victims may sometimes be unaware of their impending attacks, either through old age, drunkenness, or a surfeit of liberal propaganda (a kind of social blindness as well as an individual blindness). But, given the reality that America is an intensely race-aware society and that people are hardly naive about the racial aspects of crime, it is likely that most of the victims of the Knockout Game are in fact aware of the danger and are instead playing their own dangerous Blankout Game, acting cool, opening up, and hoping for the best.

The Knockout Game feeds on post-racial myths and politically correct acts of simulated racial blindness. In modern Western societies there is no shortage of either.

Get those bribes in EARLY!

Click it and weep:

Monday, November 25, 2013

Pants of the Orient, Or Not

Actually, right here in America we have animated cartoons where the characters never wear pants. Such cartoons usually deal with ducks or other non-humans, though. But there are no such restrictions in Japan, where you can watch Strike Witches, as in the illustration, which deals with a whole squadron of teenage girl aviators (of a sort) who never ever wear pants.

But elsewhere in the Inscrutable East it doesn't stop with cartoons.  I don't dare post a picture here, because I frequently have impressionable young liberals lurking at this blog, but Vulture of Critique has no such qualms.  HERE he tells us about "No Pants Day" in Taiwan.