Friday, December 27, 2013

Where the Hell is Alternative Right?

This is annoying, because I have lots of links back to various articles on Alternative Right from posts on this blog, and now, I guess, the links are no good.  I'm not going to fix it on my blogroll till they have a permanent new URL.  As a public service, here's what AltRight has to say on its Facebook page:

To those of you still wondering, here's what happened: on Christmas Day, we discovered that Richard Spencer, the originator and former editor-in-chief of Alternative Right, had fixed the web address of so that it automatically reroutes to his new magazine, Radix Journal. This unannounced move caught us by surprise. Although Richard owns the URL for Alternative Right, and thus had every legal right to do what he did, we were still taken aback by the way this transition was handled.

That said, we forge forward, without acrimony. We wish Richard Spencer and his new venture the best, and recommend that all Alternative Right readers check it out for themselves. (The more thought-crime, the merrier!) At the same time, we plan to continue bringing you, our loyal Alternative Right-ists, the same hard-hitting, hilarious, provocative fare you have come to love, crave, and expect from us.

Just be sure to bookmark our new, temporary link, which is where we'll post articles, podcasts, and other nuggets of glory until we alight upon a more permanent

Thank you for staying tuned! --Andy and Colin
Alternative Right


  1. Seems like a pretty crummy and or thoughtless thing to do to his readership. Ive been checking my RSS and wondering why no articles and thought; hmm this has got to have something to do with that Judeophile troll who is always threatening to become a moderator. Anyway not very cricket to just leave the readers wondering.

  2. Post-Spencer, we're now here, temporarily: