Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vladimir Putin — Dictator or Paleoconservative or Libertarian Nationalist or What?

One point at which I depart from some of my libertarian friends is the religion area. When the founders were fixing things in the Constitution so that we wouldn't have a national established church, they really, really didn't expect the wacko interpretation people would come to put on it. In the first place, it applies only to the Federal government — the prohibition of an established church. In the second place, I think most of them either thought the rule would only include Christianity or they were naive about what "religion" includes.

Anyhow, I'm not one to want the ten commandments pulled out of courthouses or crosses to be pulled down in public parks. We've been doing that ever since the bolshevick Madalyn Murray started fussing about it way back, and what has resulted?  Well, it seems to me that we've gone a little too far. I'm not sure what the relationship is between public religion and public morality, but I know we have damn little of either one these days, and that clergymen are allowed to have public opinions these days only if they're firmly in the leftist camp, and public advocacy of morality, as opposed to political correctness, is, well, politically incorrect and shameful.

While we sprint along the road to Hell, there's evidence that Vladimir Putin is leading Russia the opposite way.  Here's what Pat Buchanan says:

Is Putin One of Us?

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  1. He's a non-Libertarian Nationalist in the old Tsarist model (the Russ type, not the Germanophile version). He looks really good because our leaders are so degenerate, because he has sane aims for his country, and because he's repeatedly demonstrated competency. He is not, of course, our friend: I watch Russia Today and see anti-fracking propaganda, including interviews with Deep Green death cultists. They want to stop the UK reducing our energy costs. Makes sense from Russia's POV, of course.