Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Knockout Game Goes Into Overtime

Real knockout games aren't cute, like this illustration from
Ranma 1/2. I include this only to get your attention.
I've been trying to thing of something useful to say about the knockout game that I haven't already said, now that Eric Holder has decided that finally, finally, it's time to prosecute somebody for it. Up to now, you see, it's been a Black crime, and since Blacks are Eric Holder's people, they can do no wrong, and if some of them decide to attack a White person for no reason at all other than the race of the victim, well, it's just good clean fun or youthful high spirits or something.  You see, I tend to rant about such things, which makes for too predictable a blog post.  So I turn to John Craig, over at Justnotsaid, who is better at keeping his cool.  He writes:

Where's the outrage?

The knockout game has been going on for a couple years now, and finally got some publicity within the past couple months. Virtually every assailant has been black, and the vast majority of victims have been white.

Finally, there has been an instance of a white doing it to a black. Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27, knocked down a 79-year-old black man, in Fulshear, Texas, then boasted about it on social media.

The Eric Holder Justice Department has chosen that case to bring its first federal hate crimes charge relating to the knockout game. After years of blacks doing it to whites, finally, a white does it to a black, and the machinery of the Justice Department finally kicks into gear.

When I first heard about this, on Steve Sailer's blog, I thought it might be a joke. But when I read about it for the second time, I realized that it wasn't.

What would the reaction have been had the knockout game been perpetrated by whites on blacks for years, and then, the first time a black did it to a white, the Justice Department finally decided to bring hate crimes charges? Would the media have turned a blind eye?

This post is not a defense of Barrett. He deserves jail time for his attack, as do all the other perpetrators of this "game." It's an indictment of the Holder Justice Department.

Has there ever been a more blatant example of what this Eric Holder, and, by extension, the Obama administration, are all about?

The DOJ's press release was put out five days ago, yet there has been almost no reaction from the mainstream media.

You'd think they'd be embarrassed to do this. But they must have assumed, rightly, that the media would let it pass without comment.

Maybe I'm the one who's off-kilter here. Maybe, when a young white man decides to attack a defenseless old black, it's done with hatred. But when a group of young black men decide to attack a defenseless old white, they are completely without malice.


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  2. You honestly, residing in this universe, expected anything else?