Friday, December 6, 2013


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I can hardly wait to see what my fellow libertarians have to say about the egregious Nelson Mandela. I fear that many of them will follow the rest of the sheep to wallow in praise of the communist terrorist, lest they be accused of hurtful racial attitudes.  We'll see. My own opinion is that he was more of a figurehead than a leader, and that for that reason and that reason alone he was preferable to his brother communist terrorists, who wielded more power than he ever did. But it's the Walrus and the Carpenter again. For all the giddy worshipfulness I've been hearing lately by young blonde ladies of both sexes and all ages, Mandela might not have murdered as many people as Mugabe or Mao did, but you have to give him credit for murdering as many as he could.

One fellow libertarian who is always satisfying to read is Sean Gabb over in Airstrip One.  He says:

This Mandela Fest is Getting on My Tits

I’ll grant he was less awful than most African rulers. In terms of the violent deaths he brought about, he doesn’t begin to compare with our own Princess Tony. But he was hardly a saint. The Beeb expects us to lament his death. From the point of view of the murdering old terrorist’s many victims – mostly black, I will, for obvious reasons, add – the real cause for lamentation is that he was born.

I think I preferred his ghastly first wife. Unlike him, she was honestly evil.

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  1. The press and the pundits have had years to prepare for this so expect to have at least a solid week of this as they pour out their prepared adulation followed by frequent outbursts over the following months.