Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mandela dead at 95, and the World reacts predictably

I'm listening to Shepard Smith blathering out a hagiography of the monster Nelson Mandela, on the (it is to laugh) right-wing Fox News Channel.

South Africa is permanently screwed up now, as any fool can plainly see, and that's just the way Mandela wanted it. He wanted it to return to its native African roots of violence and savagery, and we have to admit that he's done an excellent job of it. Plaasmoorde?  If you don't recognize the word, Google it. I can assure you that the news media won't be talking about it.

Here's a view of Mandela from a few months ago.  Read it as an inoculation against all the groveling worship you're going to read over the next few days:

Last night I woke up, checked my Twitter and, sure enough, there was a Beeld journalist tweeting at one or two in the morning that nothing was happening outside Mandela’s hospital in Pretoria, except the noise of the foreign journalists’ generators. I suppose they have outside broadcast units over there, vying with each other to be first on the air in Europe or the US to tell the world that Mandela is dead.
Mandela is that ultimate postmodern illusion: a fable, a South African simulation. Mandela sprung from a rural African village in the Eastern Cape, the most backward of South African provinces where the age-old African cattle culture is still being perpetuated and where subsistence farmers eke out a living on small patches of land controlled by their chief. From these primitive, rural surroundings Mandela was plucked to be put into global circulation, on gold coins and – more recently – even on our banknotes.
Shortly after Mandela’s familiar visage came rolling off the presses of the South African mint at Halfway House, between Johannesburg and Pretoria, the rand took a dive. It declined to over R10 per US dollar, as if the gods were saying: we don’t like what we see on our banknotes. (Read the rest HERE.)

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