Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dysfunction Triumphant

I've been missing out on something. I've heard of the blog "Chateau Heartiste" many times, but every time I've looked at it, the subject seemed to be about sex, in the "manosphere" sense, which is fine, but which doesn't mesh very well with this blog. Well, that was mostly unfortunate coincidences, because there's a lot more to the blog than that. And I found that out when Spychiatrist sent me the quote in this quibcag. As you all know by now, I admire insightful statements expressed well, and this certainly qualifies. Technically, it's not a true quibcag, because the nature of the message was such that it just didn't go with the usual quibcag pattern of cute anime girls doing cute things. So it's illustrated by a more appropriate row of skulls instead. This quote is, believe it or not, in reaction to the bizarre, disturbing advertising campaign going on in support of somehow getting enough idiots to sign up for Obamacare to make it look like something less than an apocalyptic failure.  CH's blog post begins below, and be sure to check out his "Pajamaboy Caption Contest," also:

Obama’s America: Land Of The Twee, Home Of The Fey

Organizing for Action, a creepily nondescript leftoid group tasked with propagandizing President Barack Obama’s (jesus it still sticks in the craw to say that) healthcare law, have released an ad campaign on Twitter under the hashtag #GetTalking that, well, you’ve gotta see to believe.

I didn’t think it possible that the Barack Boyman Brigade’s “Hosurance” ads could be beat in loathsomeness, but you’d never go broke underestimating the junk-tucking faggotry of Obama’s sop troops. You could build an online comedy empire just copy/pasting Obama Administration-authorized jpegs.

No wonder feminists are so bitter. These are the newborn androgynes they’re stuck dating. The feminist has sold her womanly soul — what was left of it — for a battalion of bootlickers to escort her to ideologically reaffirmed spinsterhood.

Can you look at that swaddled manlet for more than two seconds without laughing? I could carve a better man out of a banana. We laugh because that’s one of our natural human reactions to seeing something repugnant. It’s similar to the chortles induced when watching a fat woman trip and bounce a few times off the pavement. So gross, we have to laugh it off.

Think about why this ad was approved for mass distribution. Your first instinct is to ask yourself, “What were they thinking?”. A fair question. It’s targeted at urban liberal SWPLs, just the demographic filled to brimming with these vegetable lasagnas. A brimful of asslove off the 95.

So right there you know that Obama’s healthcare law needs these effete clever sillies to sign up so that the money can be compassionately thieved and redistributed to the parasite class (soon to capsize and tip over into majority status). Perhaps the creators thought that a gelding in a onesie was the way to appeal to the SWPL yuppies they need to sign up. If they thought this, and their intentions were sincere, we can conclude that stuff like this works on SWPLs because SWPLs take a kind of twisted retard pride in acting and looking like house eunuchs. To them, this androgynous lifestyle of hot cocoa and plush jammies signals sophistication and success. They’re so coddled and insulated in their Caplan-esque bubble that they can’t tell when they’re coming off like perfumed pansies. Cerebral Scalzi, meet schizopareeneia.

If Obama’s supporters and media messengers are all mental and sexual onesies — and evidence accrues that that is indeed the case — then these ad creators would have no clue that they’re broadcasting prime mockery material to their enemies. It’s hard to believe that could be true, what with all those 130+ IQ neoCalvinists comprising the Obama cult machine, but accelerated social sorting by ideology can easily blind a person to how they’re perceived by those not like him.


  1. You have only discovered the wicked, deliciously sharp and witty prose of Roissy, now? lol

    When I first came across "Roissy in D.C." (the original name of the Chateau), I read the entire blog archives in a single sitting.

    Dude's a wordsmith.

  2. I'm with Ex-Army in that the "Manosphere" is not exactly my cup o' Tea, however, when I read this piece, I was blown away by how much I was in agreement with practically every word. I knew Ex would be interested. Merry Christmas .