Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ducks as Cultural Icons

Ducks are an interesting symbol.  They can be crazy, even crazier, captains of industry, superheroes, conservative journalists, and, in Japan at least, martial artists. And then we have the Duck Dynasty guy. Interestingly, none of these mentioned can be considered liberals (though Daffy's flakiness would make him potentially a good one), and a few are clearly conservative.  Especially the human version, there.  You know, it's not about gays, really, and in other connections, it's not about guns or Christmas, or any of the things that the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) makes issues about. It's about the Culture War, as Pat Buchanan put it many years ago.

You see, people like Phil and Sarah Palin are emblematic of American culture.  The culture that's usually scorned as "Redneck" by that same MAG, while they pour effusive praise on other cultures that they're trying to replace Americans with. There are plenty of guns and "homophobia" and even Christianity (of a sort) in Black thug culture and Mexican drug cartel culture, but A&E would never dream of giving any of THEM a hard time.

So I join the A&E boycott not because I agree with Robertson about gays or guns or even religion.  I join because Robertson is an American, and I'm pro-American.  To follow the story, here are a bunch of links from Drudge Report:

And for more about Phil Robertson, go over to Dailykenn HERE.


  1. Sarah Palin is hot which cannot be said about Shilary, Nancy Pelosi and Diana Feinstein which is why the hatred for her exists.

  2. If you hire a person you know is a Fundamentalist Christian to do a show depicting his lifestyle which is rooted in his beliefs, expect him to talk like one.