Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Poetry

I made my usual visit to Vulture of Critique a couple of days ago, and saw that he'd reprinted "The Journey Of The Magi," by T. S. Eliot. Way cool, I thought, and decided I, too, should reprint a classic Christmas poem that isn't generally remembered.  I picked "Christmas in India," by Rudyard Kipling. You guessed it. Vulture of Critique reprinted THAT this morning. So I send you THERE to read it. It is very hard to compete with VofC.

So what's left for me to do?  How about this?


  1. That's a cool video on christmas poetry. Pls, post more cool stuff on your blog.


  2. That's pretty cool! I also love to read poems, especially on Christmas and this is truly enjoyable. Thanks and have a great Christmas!