Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chinese Air Space

All the neocons and other Republicans are having little hissy-fits about Iran and its pound-and-a-half of uranium and how it's suddenly got enough nuclear weaponry to threaten gallant little Israel, despite the fact that Israel has enough nukes squirreled away to annihilate Iran and have plenty enough left over to blow up half the Solar System. Maybe they should have had Arnon Milchan and Sydney Pollack spying on Teheran instead of us all these years.  While this tempest is storming in the teapot, a rather larger, more significant country is ordering our airlines around and we're rolling over like cocker spaniels for it. This from Sankaku Complex:

USA Orders Planes To Kowtow To China

The USA has told its airlines to file their flight-plans with the Chinese military when flying through its new air defence zone, after even Japan had the spine to tell its airlines to ignore China.
The US government has said it expects all American airlines to abide by Chinese government’s requirements
However, the US oddly maintains that officially ordering its carriers to obey China’s requirements in the zone does not mean it “accepts China’s requirements” for the area. (Read more and see illustrations HERE.)

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