Friday, December 27, 2013

Blogging the Unbloggable

Which is which?
I like to pride myself on saying outrageous, taboo things, but now I find myself surpassed by John Craig, who, on his blog HERE, writes today:

Fun vs. not fun

Overheard recently from a young man: "Dumb girls who realize they're dumb can be fun. Dumb girls who think they're smart are just a big pain in the ass."

He thought for a moment, then added, pensively, "And really, those are pretty much the only types of girls there are."

When I mentioned a girl this young man knew who is in fact smart, he admitted there might be exceptions, but insisted they were rare. He noted that most women have "hive minds," i.e., are overly influenced by mainstream opinions.  

I'm not necessarily agreeing with the young man's sentiments.

But I'm not necessarily entirely disagreeing with them either.

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  1. Baloo --
    Thank you very much. (Though I might have preferred your original headline: "This one's just for fun. For heaven's sake, don't take it seriously. Really, don't.")