Saturday, December 21, 2013

Again with the Ducks

A common phenomenon is playing out in the Duck Dynasty thing.  It goes like this:

1. Some news or entertainment business fires or otherwise punishes some employee for saying something politically incorrect.

2. People criticize them for doing so.

3. Useful idiots leap into the fray, courageously defending the business's right to fire anybody at all for any reason, as though criticizing the business's decision is a denial of its right to do so.

4 All this is complicated by the people in #2 erroneously invoking "freedom of speech" as a reason why the firing was wrong. The reason they do that is that the left has been playing the same game for decades, and has done very well by using the "freedom of speech" red herring.

5. The useful idiots in #3 waste their energy denouncing the #2 people for wrongly invoking "freedom of speech," instead of what they should be doing, which is just pointing the error out, and then going on to explain what's really wrong with such business decisions.

6. Number 5 continues ad nauseam until they sound like they think freedom of speech doesn't apply to criticizing business decisions, and we have a fugue.

Well, this point was clarified wonderfully well and succinctly by Brandon Muncy on the net, and I've made the above quibcag out of it.  Thanks, Brandon!

Here's the deal.  What happened at A&E is all about the culture war. Anything that seems like traditional American culture is to be destroyed.  "Freedom of speech" is not relevant.  It isn't the point. But for sort of a dissenting view, or at least a view from his always-interesting perspective, read Vulture of Critique's reaction to my earlier post HERE.


  1. Duck Dynasty is not one of "my" TV shows. In fact the only show I watch regularly on A&E is Longmire, out of being a Katee Sackhoff fan. Ia m a KS fan because she advocated people learning and teaching their kids how to handle firearms safely whether they intelligently oppose or foolishly support gun control (I am not biased, much). This is one of the few example of what I consider a "reasonable" and "common sense" idea on which both groups can agree. I understand many supporters of gun control excoriated her for expressing this opinion. So much for them having reason o0r common sense. Probably same bunch Robertson is having trouble with. for now A&E is a channel I pass when channel surfing and will only watch on the principle of "peor es nada" i.e., watching nothing would be worse.
    This particular upscuddle is amusing and that is all.

  2. Maybe this comment will go through ...

    I feel horrible that this flamewar is causing you so much stress.

    I had originally tried to post some comments, but blogspot sometimes crashes when I try to comment.

    Long story short: if the people flaming you on Facebook are not important parts of your life, just write them off and don't waste mental energy on them.

    I'm surprised to note that another website,, seems to be taking an interest. Are you familiar with that website?

    1. Thanks, as always, for your input. Actually, they don't bother me a bit. They give me material for further blogging. No, I'm not familiar with thosedamnliars, but I soon will be! Thanks again.

    2. I assume Blogspot is giving you trouble because of your location. If you want to comment and can't, feel free to send it to and we'll post it for you.