Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vibrant Ethnic Diversity, Roma Style

Drawing by Glee-Chan, Quote by Dave Holle, Quibcag by Baloo
Guest post by Baloo:

I was discussing Star Trek and all its aliens with my good friend Dave Holle once, and as for the Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans, etc., he remarked:

"I've met stranger people than these in Chicago."

And, of course, he was right.  No matter how weird Klingons might seem to you, you have to admit that we have much weirder ethnic groups right here on Earth. Indeed, the many races of the Star Trek universe can best be seen as watered down versions of the groups of Earth. Klingons are not quite as violent as Africans, and not quite as stubborn as Samurai.  Vulcans are not quite as socially petrified as Chinese, and not quite as logical as Germans. Ferengi... Well, we'd better leave the Ferengi out of this.

Well Captain Kirk never met anybody quite as frustrating in his be-bopping around the Alpha Quadrant as the people known variously as Gypsy, Rom, Romany, Gitano, Zigeuner, цыган, यायावार, etc. In discussions you may have with people who assure you that immigrants, no matter where they're from, will assimilate right away, or at the very least by the second generation, just remind them of our Gypsy brethren, who've been in Europe for seven centuries or so and who still haven't assimilated and have no plans to do so.  Here, the Irish Savant tells us how the deep-thinking liberals in the UK are fixing it so that this time, finally, the Gypsies really will learn to fit right in and become regular Englishmen and Englishwomen any day now:

Don't know whether to laugh or cry...........

Sheffield City Council obviously has high hopes for its new Roma enrichers.

'Don't defecate or urinate on the street'
'Don't have sex on the street'
'Don't dump your rubbish in your neighbour's yard'
'Don't try to sell your babies'
'Don't shoplift'
'Don't rip out and sell the plumbing and other utilities from your taxpayer-provided housing'

Maybe the pictures shown here of a Roma settlement in Slovakia prompted the Council to issue these thoughtful suggestions. If you think they're of Pakistan or India then it's because that's where these parasitic scumbags originated. And now they'll be swarming over the UK and Ireland in even greater numbers from next January as the already pathetic immigration controls are abandoned entirely.

We really have arrived at the apex of insanity where literally the lunatics run the asylum.

Want another example?

'We want to claim our streets back. Tensions are building here. We need to do something or it will be too late’.

What's mad about that? Well, the fact that it was uttered by one Kashmir Malik of Sheffield's Pakistani 'community'. Yes, according to the Daily Mail 'the local Pakistani community association is running ‘official’ warden patrols between 8pm and 10pm every weekday with the intention of ‘educating’ the Roma population about ‘how to behave in England’.

'Our' streets............'how to behave in England'.

One's head spins. We descend deeper into the raging cauldron of insanity, of mass delusion as a nation self-destructs before our very eyes. We are the rats in the maze of this deranged experiment. Sheffield in this instance is the petri dish. But listen. There's method to the madness. It's an old totalitarian technique. Blatant and relentless cognitive dissonance, the absorption of one insane phenomenon after another, all serve to undermine the victim's (that's us) self-confidence, pride, dignity and by extension our capacity to resist. This tactic has been well established.

And what about this....... David Blunkett, a key member of the government that did more than any other to flood the country with the kind of people who build the kind of countries those same people are desperate to escape from........this guy warns that the area 'couldexplode into the ugly street warfare that broke out more than two decades ago'. Words fail me. Personally I'd take childcare advice from Casey Anthony before I'd take social advice from this decrepit horny old hypocrite.

Remember this, just in case the opportunity ever arises to roll out the tumbrels and bring these traitorous scum to justice. They have waged an unrelenting war against the family, against the community, against tradition, against history, against wisdom and experience, against individuality, against ethics, against common sense, against classical aesthetics, against reason and statesmanship.

Against reality and human nature itself.

In Sheffield we can see at first hand the results of their evil machinations. How cannot the great mass of people not see how they've had their country taken from them? Is there any hope?

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  1. Excellent article. So many people scratching their heads, & wondering 'Can this really be happening?', after yet another surreal, sometimes horrific, episode in the relentless piecemeal destruction of Britain. Psychological violence being the main weapon in the arsenal, 'the absorption of one insane phenomenon after another'. Yes, that's spot on, & by Christ, have we absorbed a lot. But not quite yet to the point of inertia, or exhaustion. We will explode in rage, like goaded bulls, rather than go
    quietly, which, of course, may well be the power elite's intention. Meanwhile, the Roma wander the streets in their plastic ponchos, enriching our society...oh, yeah, I know, like the Somalis, & the Pakistanis. Never mind the CO2 content in the air, somebody should check the madness percentage.