Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tolerance is a One-Way Street

Face it.  The left is intolerant as all hell. They tell us on the right that we're racists, but let somebody like Ben Carson venture off their plantation, and they let slip the dogs of political correctness. They call us belligerent, but when their boy Obama blows up teenagers with drones, they can't seem to notice. Well, it's bloody obvious, really, to anybody who pays attention, and a very good recent example is what the left is trying to do to poor old Orson Scott Card, a liberal Democrat who has certainly annoyed me with his liberalism in the past, but that doesn't protect him. The criteria for leftist orthodoxy have shifted further into crazyland, and now you're a bigot if you think marriage between two male homosexuals is not good public policy.

The question is, what should our response on the right be to such leftist witch-hunts? We've been priding ourselves on being better than that for decades now, and we don't seem to be getting anywhere that way.  Vox Day has a different view:

Twice as hard

The public persecution of Orson Scott Card is an indicator that it is time for the Right to, in Instapundit's words, start punching back twice as hard.
A friend posted on Facebook about his interest in the new Ender’s Game film based on the classic novel by Orson Scott Card.  Another person chimed in with joy over a news story that Card would not profit personally based on the performance of the film.  Why would such a thing be an occasion for joy?  The answer is that Card (a Mormon) is a known opponent of same-sex marriage.

Card’s career of late has been affected by his view of marriage.  He lost prospective work writing for a Superman project when voices piped up in opposition to him.  Was it because of his poor writing?  No.  It was because of his politics.  These same people who villify Card and hope to destroy his career are surely the same persons who curse the “Red Scare” and “McCarthyism.”  What is the phenomenon in either case?  It is the attempt to prevent a person with a particular worldview from getting work or to prevent others from associating with that person.
The Right has long sabotaged itself through its pride in playing fair and refusing to bar leftists from employment on the basis of their ideological allegiances. Where did that get them? Barred from the mainstream media and the universities. What did that accomplish? Nothing more than the complete loss of the intellectual high ground.

Now that it is in the ascendant in the decision-making positions at the publishers and the large technology companies, we are seeing the same process at work. The leftists at Tor Books aren't dumb enough to drop Card while he's still their best-selling author, but they are going to prevent the next Card from publishing there. In fact, they have done so for years, if not decades.

It is no use for the Right to primly disapprove and declare "that's not sporting, old chap". When one side clings to the Marquess of Queensbury rules while the other is making use of the full range of MMA options, the outcome is certain. The Left is increasingly confident, in part because its numbers have been swollen through immigration and forty years of public school indoctrination, in part because, rather like Hitler, they simply don't believe the other side has the backbone to stand its ground.

But the Right still has the bigger numbers. Despite the Left's loathing of him, it is Card who is Tor's best-selling novelist, not their left-wing poster girl. Despite the fact that I am not published by any major publisher, I have the most-trafficked blog of any SF/F writer. By every objective measure, the Right remains more culturally powerful than the destructive parasites of the Left. But it is an impotent, mostely unused power. (Read the rest HERE.)

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  1. T-Totally agree with Vox Day.

    We're way past the time of niceties with these scum Commies. Let's be honest with ourselves now. If this nation, this civilization, OUR PROGENY, and freedom itself is worth defending, then it's high time that we start fighting back in earnest.

    The best defense is a good offense!

    We've been on the defensive for over 50 years in this country. Fighting the globalists, the Communists, the culture destroyers. Start speaking out at every chance and hold the line. Learn how to use their rhetoric against them and when the time comes we may have to use force of arms for our noble and righteous cause.

    Never forget that our cause is the moral one, not theirs. No matter how much they may try and convince us otherwise.